Ebay Bio Complete Make Over


Hello all still a newb to your site and what can I say, its wicked Its made me buy my first mask, I tried to sculpt a bio but it knackered up so I took a punt and got the below cheep off ebay.

In Topic: My first Bio attempt I'm gonna use the clay again to tray and make a under mask for the below. Got some great insparation form you guys.

Question for you all is, can anyone please help me to work out what type I've bought?

I should get it within the next few days in the post. I know its a P1 but what era , what caster ?




Any help much apreciated.

I'm gonna continue this thread if its OK when I get it and put up some actual pictures of it and progess etc.

My plans are, nothing to revelotionalry or ground breaking is to weather it like my hockey mask. But as screen acurate as I can, tidy up any dents and bumps and make it nice and semetrical. Install better tri laser front part and add 3 lasers and batter and switch.


sorry can someone please move to the Bio part of the forum site, my over excitement has got the better of me. :D


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Moved. As for the sculptor .. did you ask the seller? I think I saw this on ebay ...it was listed as having lineage to the original bio ..hmmm very interesting ..Id be more then curious to see some pics when you get it


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Ha.. I was gonna call the HCG bio, but I think you may be right Jason.. I'd like to see a profile shot of the lines at the eye corners


Looks like a bio from I forget his name he is also in the UK. Looks like one of his bios. I have one but its from him though.. Let me take some pictures and post it. His are made of fiberglass. Looks very similar to an icons but little bigger.....


John may Is is name. I think I spelled it correct. His bios look very different then all the others. His bios are very smooth and round. But thing is his bio has been recasted to hell. But if you get one from him his bios are very well casted in fibergalss and all even all around no flaw on bio.

THis is one of his and I bought this one on the old lair few years back and looks fresh just like the day I bought it. One of my very first bios ever...







Just got it in the post, bit mis shapen, bits to cut out and remake, bits to re-jig to make right.

Wicked little project to re shapen and fill and doctor.

Its 18.5 x 10.5 so not a proper size one, or is that the size. I took these diamentions across the same place PredatrHuntr measured.

I deffo need to make a new laser shroud end part or might get one from ebay fella Don Jarr. Also need to make the part the other side that the air hoses attach to. I'll have to carefully cut off the parts from the mask and reshape the holes and remake.

Has anyone remade one like this or had one this mishaped before ? Please send me links or anything, I would be very greatful.

A profile shot


Parts I need to remake and shape.


Shows how mishapen it is




All help and feedback welcome.
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not bad ..but thats a recast of a recast ..hahaha ..so much detail is lost in the lines. As for the warping ..it will be hard to reshape if it is fiberglass. any pics of the inside?


Wicked site all, I found a few tips & tricks last night and had a go.

Used the heat gun on the cheek part and it pulled in nicely. Ignore all the marker pen its my notes for the bondo later. I'm gonna make the chin a tad longer 6/7mm.

I've also gotta pull down the right eye by about 5mm and the pull forward and redfine the crown.

Then I've got to remove both side parts, laser shroud and air hose connector. Any ideas of what to use if I've not got a dremmel?

The top skull cap part has more dents and bumps than my own skull. Its gonna take a lot of bondo, what do you guys use? Is bondo the right stuff ?

The rear crown back fins are so out its actually funny. Got a lot of work a head, but its deffo work it.

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Thats great work and looks like it can come together nicely. A bondo equivalent is what I use as getting hold of it in the UK is difficult so I use David's P38 car body filler, but yes it can be used to fill holes and imperfections etc.

Personally, I would say buy a demmel and demmel the airhose and laser shroud out, as it allows for more accurate cutting techniques and will make it easier to get the details in on other areas of your bio easier and more evenly.

For great laser shrouds, look at Don jars ebay page. He sells bio mesh and 3 laser shrouds made from resin. Have bought them myself and the details put it them are awesome - a quality buy.

Hope that helps

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I gave the cheek and nose area a good sanding back flat. And gave the laser shroud a good cutting back, Cheers for all your coms.

I've bought some mlilliput http://www.ebay.co.u...984.m1439.l2649 epoxy resin two part stuff, will that adhere well to fibreglass and whats that stuff like sand or am I better off using that to build areas out then finish off flatting with bondo?


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Been out doing some bondo on the chin and part of the side wings. Chin looks longer and i've pulled it forward and made it squarer. I've got my work cut out for me on this one. Sanding Sanding Sanding will be my middle name.

Prior to sanding being my middle name

Needs more sanding and more bondo


I prefer the longer nose section
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Wow the bio starting to look really good man. I think those are just the bits to add to the dremel.


More bondo, more sanding to follow, joy !!!! joy oh joy oh joy !!!!!! :p

I've use the stand from my old clay attempt, modified a bit so its easier to work on.

Right I've added more bondo to re-smooth the lumps and bumps in the chin and nose section, more sanding !!!

I've started to bring out the right "as you look at the bio" eyebrow. its gonna take a shed load of filler. A good 4 or 5 goes I think and you guessed it sanding !!!! I love it. :unsure:

I've also filled in the cheek air hose connector. I'me gonna recut one once I've got the symetry right.

"Time and Patience" me thinks will be involved in this project. If only I could by bottles of it down at my local store.

I remeber reading a topic on here about a great idea of using a markr pen lid to reaplce the old check connector, I'm off down my local Hobby Craft, Staples and Stationary shops to find a suitable replacement. Great idea , but I can't remember who to thank.

I've just but a bid on a dremmel type thang, that should ease my project along some what. I wish I could afford a dremmel. But Xmas is coming and I have been such a good little fella this year. :devil:

What do you guys use to make the rear of the mask smoother ? as mine has just got all the fibreglass matting.

I might need to get a second light source in my workshop from the left as just having 1 from the right is playing havock with tring to work out the symetry. What set up do you guys work with?

Working it out last night, with all the parts,sandpaper, filler, epoxy, paint, puchase of the Bio, Led set up and not including time. its gonna cost about £90. Yes I could have bought a better mask for that I know your all thinking. But this is gonna be a crackalakin' challenge and I'll end up with a Bio that I've put my blood sweat and tears into. Well maybe not tears coz Yautja dont do that.

Bondo o'clock



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Can anyone please change the title of this topic to P1 ebay total overhall ?

And can anyone please tell me what zdhbahnazna\zn\an means at the bottom of my posts ?


Here are some other projects going on in my workshop over the last few months.

Nephew wanted me to paint up his 2 1/2 inch Iron Man, just need to retouch a few bits and get a better blue for the eyes, hand and chest lights


His little brother wanted to go to a fancydress party as Wolveriine. So I knocked this up over one afternoon. Thats my hand not his. He wouldm't stop wearing it when I took it round on Friday.


Something I'd always wanted a Hockey Mask Che Che Che Hah Hah Hah !! Thats the plaster mould I made in the rear. I've custom made Leather straps and antiqued bronze snaps. My wife hates it , she said your gonna scare the living daylights out the kids when they knock on the door for trick or treat. I've got a costume as well and boots that lift me 2 inches. And I'm going trick or treating with my Nephews. Che Che Che Hah Hah Hah !! The white mask is for a buddy for a Halloween party he's going to.


Made a machette out of a pice of steel and some MDF and car filler, again loads of sanding and sanding and then more sanding and some grinding. I wont be taking this out with me on Halloween its just for displaying the mask.


And one I've been piecing together now since March, its nearly there just need to work out a way of doing the shroud, 3 atempts have failed so far. its 3/4 scale due to the spas 12 shotgun cage I got hold of. its mostly MDF and bits of this and that.


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