Ebay Bio Complete Make Over


Got my epoxy this mornin' had a quick go pulling the eye out.

Wicked stuff although I'm yet to sand it, Oh my most favorite thing in the world.

One things I have learned is that marker pen come through primer AAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!! I've got sand all that off !!!!




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Its coming along...the one thing you did was the same thing I did - use a sharpie to mark your adjustments. But...the sharpie still shows after sanding. A better choice would be pencil, but its just not bold enough! Plus, when you are done sanding and finally prime it, the Sharpie won't be visible anyway. Looking forward to the next update ;)


Its coming along...the one thing you did was the same thing I did - use a sharpie to mark your adjustments. But...the sharpie still shows after sanding. A better choice would be pencil, but its just not bold enough! Plus, when you are done sanding and finally prime it, the Sharpie won't be visible anyway. Looking forward to the next update ;)
Tell me about it its a nightmare, bloddy sharpie's. Should deffo put that on the Newb's page


I FRIKEN LOVE THIS EPOXY MOULDING STUFF, I've pulled out the eye and moulded the side detail corner eye detail. I've also pulled and sculpted the crown front part. Just need to let this part go off and blend in the other side and and mould the other eye side detail. I'm waiting foir my primer to arrive so I can see if I need to sand any more on the nose or nuild it up around the right eye.

I've also sculpted the rear fins as they were well lop sided. I'm deffo gonna have to get a dremmel type thang as I need to redefine the lines and some of the detail around the edges of the Bio.




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Bit of an update I've managed to pull out and sort the eye and crown, and shaped the side eye part s.



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Thats coming along awesome my friend, can really see that bio coming back from the dead. Keep them updates coming.

A demmel is a great investment lol the things you can't do with them.


This looks like the one I got from Ice a while back. You've done a lot of work to it, I planned on doing the same type of work. I just haven't gotten to it. Keep it up.
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Hi All,

Been busy for a while and not been able to do much on my Bio, so here's an update.

Loads more sanding and filling. Lovin' the milliputt (epoxy stuff). More sanding more shaping and dremelling. Also got myself a set of the Don Jar laser bits. Top quality !!!

Cheers for a the coms all.



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Bio is looking ******* amazing.. Your bringing this bio back to life. Out of all bios I own this one is my Favorite from the bunch. I love the look of this bio.


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It's coming along very nicely....I enjoy seeing bios reworked like this because it takes so much work but in the end it pays off. And thanks for taking great pictures too...it may seem like a small thing but seeing it crisp and clear like that allows us to see the work you've put in. ;)


Bit of an update.

Bio's coming along well. The crown is nearly were I want it. The rear fins now look near enough symmetrical. I've cut out the hole for the tri-laser/LED'S to poke through. I've got hold of my father in-laws soldering iron and put together the electrics. Still got to fully sculpt the slug part. I didn't realise how large it would have to be to take the three hoses.

A few Q's for some feedback.

I was debating milliputting a kind of shroud around the front of the led bit giving like a canopy around it rather than having just the Tri LED's pushing out. Any views ????

I was thinking of using hammerite as a base coat after primer for the bio to go for a slight hammered effect like Wolfs/Scars bio. I'll then age and shadow it with black and a gunmetal wash.
A few Q's on this one, Anyone have any experience with it and will it take on primer ? and has anyone got any pics of what it looks like before and after painting ????




Another update "SLUG DONE" and on surprised how it came out. I'm quite pleased with it. All I've gotta do is drill the holes once my hose turns up.

In terms of detail last touches,

Its PredatrHuntr's pen cap idea for the cheek hose connector point.

Final smooth/detail sand and then drill hose holes in the slug once its gone off.

Tidy and detail sand round the tri shroud.

Possibly another final sand all over with fine paper and then PRIME !!!!! I'm so close to paint whoo hoooo !!!!.

What mesh do you guys use steel or aluminium ? And anyone have any views on the hammerite Q's form my previous post ?




Hi All, Got some PRIMER on.

Doesn't it show all the imperfections and marks up. It feels like I'm nearly there just no point rushing at this stage I would rather take my time and get it so I'm happy with it before painting as I'll only regret it later.

What do you guys cover the inside of your Bios with, mine is just fibreglass matting and it stinks?

I'm gonna leave a few of the pinholes around the face area, as kind of pre weathering.

Here's the to do list.

Fill a multitude of pin holes in the rear right fin from sanding.

Sand around the slug and drill the hose holes.

Redefine all groves around both sides of the fins.

*** HELP ON THIS ONE *** A few cracks have appeared on the left side fin, any ideas on fixing them (pics below) as they've come through the primer and open up when you put a bit of pressure on the fin.

I need a bit more filler in the front of the crown in between the Y of the fin at the front. and a bit more smoothing off.

Milliputt some more around the nose/eye section to line it up properly.

Smooth/sand around the laser shroud join.

Define a few bits of the fins over the eye sections.

Basicly a lot of smoothing all over, wet and dry me thinks, maybe a bit more sanding, Primer, a re-look. Sanding then happy.

Fingers crossed







Gotta love it when you've got that coat of primer on and you can see all your work has paid off. ;)
Well on closer inspection, The front crown needed a bit of filling out, the nose section needed pulling up. I've fixed the cracks,. I eased apart then rubbed supaglue in the gaps and then sanded flat. Owww I love sanding. I give the whole thing a wet and dry all over as I could still see where I'd used some quite abrasive paper to take out the filler and milliputt. I've rubber some milliputt into most of the unwanted pin holes. I've also decided that the nose on the left hand side mneeds sanding back more to be more symmetrical. Quite a bit as well. You can see so much more in daylight out side. Its a bit warmer her in Blighty now to sand out side. Then I gonna tackle fitting the mesh with out gluing it on to see what is exposed so I can smooth around the eye area. Still need a bit of sanding smoothing out around the slug and the shroud. still need to source a piece for the cheek hose connector. Thought I found a wicked pen, turns out to be not the one I was after. I've also gotta trim back the inside part of the top part of the eye as it protrudes a lot further inward than the lower section, as it'll make the mesh not lay flat. Mostly then sorting/sanding filing milliputt that I've added back on. Then maybe another primer coat to expose no doubt some more floors, then if OK I'll wet and dry all over then hit it with a coat of silver, before adding the hammerite to the sections I want it on. Then I'll get to work weathering and making it look battle scared and gnarley.

I've done some trials with the hammerite on another sample mask I'm gonna use to do all my trial stuff on and its come out all right pics below.

Cracks filled

More Milliputt on the nose and crown




Hammerite trials