Ebay Bio Complete Make Over


And a little letter opener I'm working on for my office.

Friday the 13th machette in 3mm steel, I'm gonna milliputt a handle then add the details.

I've used a Bic pen for scale.




Decided to cut the left and add in a 4 mm spacer and its levelled the face out. But in turn created some more issues.

One of the rear fins needs bending down, I'll have to get the old heat gun out again.

More sanding on the nose section where I added filler before, but now I've stretched the side out a tincey wincey bit Its needs pulling back in.

Above the right eye needs milliputting out and removing a section to get the symmetry right AGAIN !!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!

Need to smooth/sand out the extension piece on the right cheek bulge.

Do loads of filling for all the new pin holes I've created. AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then and maybe then I'll be able to again get a1st coat of primer to asses and final touches and sanding !!!!







Hi All,

Found this in a local newsagents in the UK for 99p The next edition of the series comes with the top of the skull. Its like a build your own kiddies skeleton. Great for Pred necklace collections.






More general fettling away, sanding filling and all that good stuff.

I know your not allowed nude stuff but I did sneek a shot of this beauty in the bath !!!!!



Sorry I couldn't resist that one....


Did some more fettling away and sanding and filling and sanding and filling ...........

I tweeked the nose area, reduced the Y section above the eye and brought the area above the eye more forward. Filled a dent in the of the front crown.

Also pushed the top of the nose back so the mesh sits better. and redefined it so its sits better at all angles you view it from.



Then I decided that I didn't like the symmetry of the rear fins. So much filler and sanding later, a voilà. need to redefine the groves on each side. that's just pencil at the min'. I lesson learned early on is not using sharpie's or makers.


To do next,

I'm gonna fill around the lip of tha mask to make it all the same thickness as its all over the place.

I wanna fill out all the rear horrid fibreglass matting, anyone know where I can get cheep epoxy ??? Its gonna make the Bio weight a ton. But it'll be worth it. and then satin black it all.

From filling out the rear of the Bio I'll also make the connector part to kind of clip onto the stand. A little like the Hollywood collectables stand that Saleen repainted a while back.

Still might make the shroud round the lasers come out more a bit more pronounced forward.

I'm lot happier with the overall symmetry since the cut and shut of the left cheek bulge, but there's still a few alterations to go before final primer.


HI All,

Had a major rethink on the whole left hand side of my Bio. I've noticed that the right eye was thinner and longer and straighter than the left so.

I've pulled the bottom half down in-line with the other eye. Yet to bring the top part of the eye down and flatter. I've pushed the corner of the eye back as it was on inspection with a ruler and some painstaking measurements further forward than the right hand side and smaller. The left cheek bulge and side part opposite the connector but other side needed some defining and dremmeling in.

In taking the side back in line and making it smaller I had to remove the whole laser shroud. So I'm gonna completely remodel the other side like I've done the slug.

Its deffo getting there, its just the more I look at it the more I see wrong and the more I fettle away the more confidence I have the tackle things like redefining the laser shroud. You guys on here are some real inspiration. PredatrHuntr cheers for all your help and you do some great huntorials. Also seeing your great work has helped me with my epoxy work.

It feels again like I'm ages away from a final primer coat to see if all my work was worth it, I'll get there, I've been tweeking way for 5 months nearly now 1 step forward and 2 steps back. but It feels like I'm winning. I'm creating my own version of the P1 Bio.

Any comments, words of wisdom or pats on the back welcome, good or bad.



I also dremmeled out the fin lines on each side. Come out well. I just need to sort the end of the right hand side fin in line with the left and sharpen up around the edges on the right fin all round.



****~ I love all the work your doing to this helmet. Can't wait to see it done. I've been watching this thread..... :)


The major left side reworks have started, I managed to get on some epoxy on last night to create a indent. I'm gonna resin and glass across the back to provide more substantial support. I've started to sand down the left eye and build the eye fin down. The side is now in line with the other sweeping in more. looks a lot more symmetrical. 40mm pipe is on the way to craft a better laser shroud, fettle fettle, sand sand, shape shape, bend bend !! May have to purchase some more Mr Don Jars laser parts as I've put the other ones some where safe !!! God only knows where they are.


Here's some updates on my other ongoing projects.

Friday 13th inspired letter opener FINISHED !!!! or maybe a few last tweeks you know me.



Pulse Rifle, Mag started, and shotgun front on its way now.



Hi All,

Been sandin' and fillin' and epoxyin' I've transformed the left side to look utterly more symmetrical looking interms of eye shape v's right and position forward of where it was before I altered it. The left cheek bulge is rounder like the right now and the corner of the left eye mirrors the other side as well swooping back more. I've also sculpted the left hand cup shape on the temple for the shroud, like the right hand side.

Got a bit of primer on to show all the holes and blemishes. More filler and sanding for deffo, needs some epoxy to pull the left eye back at the bottom. So I've just put a layer of filler on, I'll flat it all back in a few days.

Done the cheek air hose connection port sorted at last.

I'm gonna gaffer tape across the back and construct the laser shroud on clay then cast it in resin or epoxy.

Just noticed me there in the back ground of the first shot.





Hi All,

Had another rethink about the nose and did some tinternet surchin on the P1 Bio and decided the the nose had to be squarer, Sooooooooo I attacked it with epoxy and now again will need to have a middle name of "sandinanfillin".

As Paula Abdul used to say 2 steps forward and 1 step back !!! ha ha ha !!! I'll get there in the end !!!

Still gotta sort the laser part.





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Great progress pics! The mouth part is a tough one...probably the hardest part to replicate because of the curves. Good luck sanding!


Great progress pics! The mouth part is a tough one...probably the hardest part to replicate because of the curves. Good luck sanding!
Your not wrong there Fella. 4.5 hrs of sanding and filling later..............ta da !!!! Its nearly there as always still a bit of tweekin' and of course sandin'

PredatrHuntr, how long did it take you to refurb the one you did ?





Why does the crown look pi$$ed in the first photo, its not like that in real life ??? look at the set of pics above. Really odd !!!!!


Hi All,

Been fetteling away again, this time on a new laser shroud. I stuck some gaffer/duck tape across the back and made a rough shape in some clay. I waited for it to dry and then covered in epoxy and then soaked away the clay. I need to work on the shape a bit and put in the ridge line at the edge. The tapes is just to see what the shape looks like on the Bio. I'll deffo need to thicken and make the showing edge the same shape and thickness and its a bit all over the place at the mo. I also need to make a section that the lighting will come through. I've noticed and read on the Lair that the original P1 Bio had the lasers mounted in the under mask, so it make sense why I noticed all the different levels of sticky outyness of the laser.

I've reshaped the nose area and smoothed it all out and its all ready for the shroud. No rushing at this point as I'm getting so close to nearly finishing all the smoothing and sanding and filling. I've left some large pin holes on the nose area that look a bit battle scarred. I've also started to smooth the inside using all the spare epoxy I have left over from any time I mix some up. From the eyes down is all smooth and its starting to weight quite a bit.

I had a trial fit of the eye mesh and its a bit see throu, what do you guys recommend ???







Hi All,

Be adapting my shroud cast and fetteling away. I did some thinking and decided I needed to bridge the gap across the rear of the laser shroud and didn't want to fill if full of resin. So I got a piece of stiff wire and dremmelled a groove at each end on the Bio and supaglued in, it was a tight fit and held really well.I'll then cover it with epoxy when I fit the shroud on. I fettle away for about 30 mins to get the shroud to fit nice and snugly. I did the mandatory ridge/groove around the edge. The shroud will require some minor supaglue to tack it in place, then I'll blend it in with some epoxy. I've got to extend the cup section of the temple back so I fully cover the inside of the shroud and make a front piece for a Don Jar tri-laser piece to fit to. mmmmmmmmmm laser or LED's.

Still undecided to go for lasers of LED's. I know I'm gonna kick myself If I don't go for lasers. I just need to get some funds together to get some.

I like Hippe's lens idea. truly inspiring fella. I really wanna get the mesh to show throu. and have a tinted front.

I've taken a picture of the nose section at rear of the Bio as I've starting tofill it in using all the spare epoxy.

NEW 002.jpg

NEW 004.jpg

NEW 003.jpg

NEW 006.jpg

NEW 007.jpg

NEW 005.jpg
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Its getting there keep at it, i love seeing things like this getting shape right, keep up the hard work you almost there


looks like a og predator mask from the 1st film in 1997. cool looking mask mate. how much was it if you dont mind me asking? im looking for a new one to add to my new elder mask..cheers