Ending scene that was planed for Dutch

From my understanding, It's one of a couple of "Dutch" endings (not sure how official they are) that were toyed with. Yeah, you have a point.. if the franchise is to move on, ties do need to be cut which will allow movement in another direction. But at the same time, leaving Arnie and Danny alive will always leave the "door open" for them. It'll be as if some unfinished business exist and that too will also keep the films from progressing. Heck! maybe they should bring them back kill them off and then there'll be no choice but to move on as that chapter in the book of Pred franchise will be over and done with, no questions asked
I was really hoping for an Arnold cameo

Jim N

That ending was on the early staged script. thank god it didnt happen.

Personally if they could have got Arnie involved it would have made more sense to have DUTCH instead of NOLAN.

Agreed, Dutch instead of Nolan would have been far better.

Whoever thought up the idea of Dutch with the Predators should be shot, even if it didn't make it to the screen!


I dunno gang,
I know it seems kind of cheesy in one sense, but I kind of like it in another. Of course, had they used that ending the question becomes "what does Dutch do in the sequel?"
If I recall, the Noland role was originally going to be Dutch, who survived numerous encounters with the preds. Guess they couldn't get Arnold. He sure would have been a welcome addition, compared to the stupid, lame ass role Noland-Fishburne had in the film. It's almost like, "we can't get Arnie, so we have to rewrite the role for somebody else who isn't Dutch. I know---let's write a character who stays alive for years using his survival skills against the predators, then dies in a senseless scene where he starts a fire that attracts the infra red vision of the predators who kill him without a fight." "Yeah, that's the ticket."


I'm glad the movie didn't end like that. For me the pred is an awesome being that looks down on mankind because they've been hunting them for ages. It would've been an awsome ending for numerous different pred characters to emerge from the ship with awsome weapons and lazers pointing to the survivers while a couple of awsome looking elders emerged from the ship and then took the P1 that was killed to the ship and jestured the survivers to the ship where they could've been returned by the to earth by the preds for helping their fallen comrade.

Or just leave it alone and then make a movie in which all of the survivers from all of the pred films are collected together and battled against an awesome bad ass elder.

maybe too corny but would be worth seeing if a good story and script went along.

Reg Pred

man...i would have died if this were the ending...it would have been perfect. he defeats one pred and over time more and more haunt him and come back for him...eventually (seince he is such a badass). he is captured and forced to stay with them and hunt with them...this would have been perfect for the ending of Predators.....


AFREAKINMEN! How stupid! Dutch is a legend, same for Harrigan & Royce. Leave their legacies ALONE! Don't ruin them. I equate it to the Brett Farve fiasco. Guy nearly (if not ultimately) ruined his legend with his "Oh I am coming back to play for this team, that team, blah, blah" Continue the franchise with new characters in the spirit of the true beasts (Dutch, Billy, Mac, Blain, Poncho, Dillion, Harrigan, Royce, Nickolai, Hanzo or the badasses from Aliens Ripley, Hicks, Vasquez & Drake). Stay away from the pathetic characters in the AVP series (The hippie tree huggin black chick, the pizza boy, the juvinile deliquent & the "I joined the National Guard" soccer mom).


If that was the final ending I would've cried. I fully agree with Robillicus with bringing Dutch back would be a horrible idea. If they did that it would get old real quick. You'd have someone you know wouldn't die in the every Predator movie. If anything I'd want to see a Predator movie where the Predator or Predators don't die. They are supposed to be skilled hunters. You got that feeling from the first two movies and the video games but, their characters are degrading to the point of being the villian in a horror movie. And without arnold you go to see these movies for the Predators. You can't replace arnold nor should they. So stop trying and focus on the real icons of the movie. I'm sure alot of you feel the same?


Was that the official ending written for Arnold? Wow... that's pretty cheeseball. I guess I just don't understand the fascination with bringing the Dutch character back; even in a cameo.

Yeah, he defeated a Predator, now let's move on. The same goes for Danny Glover. I saw in another one of your posts that he was the first choice over Laurence Fishburne. I think that, for the franchise to grow after it's latest successful (despite its flaws) installment, it needs to cut it's ties to the past. Move beyond the novel ideas of throwin' Schwarzenegger or Glover back in there. I don't like thinking that the franchise is tied down by the Terminator or "I'm too old for this ****."

Look at Ellen Ripley... I was sick of that character after the second movie. I guess Sigourney Weaver had some kind of sick hold or investment in the franchise. There is no Sigourney, only Ellen Ripley.

100% agree with you on this. dead on and well stated! (y)