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Discussion in 'Predator Costumes' started by Angrychutney, Nov 19, 2017.

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    Angrychutney of course i can help with that simple question.... i used "silicone calking" ... you know the stuff we use to fill the joints on the walls and such :D (y)
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    contact glue is cool too thought but NO hot glue .... that is a no go....
  3. Angrychutney

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    You mean like silicone bathroom sealer that seals the joints around the bath/shower ?
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  4. Shogun

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    indeed that is exactly what i used ...but the transparent finish one ......
  5. Angrychutney

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    Great stuff, thanks Shogun I got some of that stuff left from when we decorated bathroom a few weeks ago ....
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  6. Tallon

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    Hot glue I would recommend for anything other than wires, so I guess contact glue would be best, but in small amounts.
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  7. Angrychutney

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    Just another quick update, after managing to clear some space in the garage I have started priming some pieces ready for painting.



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  8. Vebo1

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    Nice , when you finish priming I got some pieces if you don’t mind. :D
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  9. Angrychutney

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    Hi again folks dreads and bio this time .... So I got my lights in and stable (pic) and the dread hat in and happy. I've figured out that if I feed 3 short lengths of gardin wire in the end of the dread that attaches to the head I can manipulate the angle of the bend (pic) and it gived me a secure anchor point. Will painting and sealing give it a dangley motuon. Ive read guides and watched you tube vids but they are so many contradictions. All feed back is so helpdfull.






  10. Angrychutney

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    Oh and I finished up my shin armour ready for priming

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    Angrychutney you are getting very good Chutney..... keep it up man! :D
  12. Angrychutney

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    Okay so my mesh bodysuit arrived today and couldn't help but try it on (apologies for the pic but I know it will better when my skin suit is on under it) and yeah we were wallpapering at the time

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  14. Angrychutney

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    I was really apprehensive about painting/weathering as I had never attempted anything like this before but this whole procedure is new to me and didn't want to have to redo parts again. I am glad to say that thanks to the forums here and plenty of YouTube guides I am more than happy with how its turning out. Again any feedback is greatly appreciated.












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  15. BuckeyeStalker

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    That all looks awesome! Where did you get your mesh bodysuit if I may inquire? I've been looking.
  16. Angrychutney

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    Found it ebay, just searched mesh bodysuit (its crotchless ment for females) think it come from China but it cost me less than £3 with postage.
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  17. BuckeyeStalker

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    Thanks! That's where I've been looking as well.
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  18. Mille2ej

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    Looking good! Can't wait to see the finished suit!
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  19. Tallon

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    Just kidding, all looks great :):):):):D:D:D:D:D
  20. Tallon

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    Although, and this is just personal opinion, mb you could make the blades thinner and a little longer. I can see you're going for the AVP-style armour, so it may be an idea to look at the blades those armour types have. Looks great though!!
  21. Angrychutney

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    The blades are made of 3ml foamboard and they are all glued into place at the moment. As I planning on wearing it to lfcc in July I needed them to be no hard but at the same time not soft that the loose their shape. It was a bit of a catch 22. If somebody bangs into them quite sternly they will just kinda crumple. Not trying to sound funny or unappreciative as all the feedback is really helpful. But I don't know how else to make them.
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  22. Angrychutney

    Angrychutney Unblooded

    I could use 1ml craft foam strengthened with wooden coffee stirers (from a famous fast food company) I got left from my daughters homework project. But don't think it will stay rigid.
  23. BuckeyeStalker

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    Try coating them with a layer of Drywall Spackling. I know it sounds weird, but I did that to mine to make them more rigid. Mine are just made out of EVA foam. It works.
  24. Angrychutney

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    So had a play this afternoon and got a good start on the gloves. Some gloves I borrowed *cough* from work and some red devils gloves and some liquid latex. I think there going to be just fine. Read on here a guy used citidal paint a and finished with lacquer. Any other suggestions or easier ways of painting would be awesome. Thanks again



  25. BuckeyeStalker

    BuckeyeStalker Unblooded

    Citadel makes great paint, just expensive. I paint a lot of miniatures, but I use cheaper hobby paints. They work just as well.
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