eye flash


as far as I know in the movie its just an effect they use, but if you wanted to do so I would say use led's and I suppose a timer or a switch.


Young Blood
OMG I have wanted to do that...for a LONG time too. I have a Serenity model (yes there's a point here) and when the effects are engaged, the engine in it does the same thing, it lights in a medium level of yellow light then flashes in the same color but much brighter. The effect on this model is exactly what we need, but in green. I know this is really no help, but I know it can be done...


Young Blood
I get giddy with the prospects of having that effect on my suit. Weird, maybe, but it would be the absolute icing on the cake.


I done it on my mask with some reflective tape around the inside of the eye slots with an led wired up to a toggle switch on the side of the mask. Took about 20 mins