Face Hugger 1/5 scale

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  1. Darrengodzilla

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    One of a kind piece, approx 1/5 scale. Sulpted in polymer clay, and painted, finished by myself. If you'd like to commission a piece like this, or buy this one please get in touch. Thanks for looking. 100_1380.JPG 100_1372.JPG 100_1366.JPG 100_1371.JPG 20170619_191222.jpg 20170619_194143.jpg
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  2. LunaticNic

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    Well done! Especially the positioning of the legs. Looks great!
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  3. Wreav

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    Traitor! Then again I do like traitorous work. Lol
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  4. Jmen

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    Wow... just wow... so natural(y)
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  5. Darrengodzilla

    Darrengodzilla Unblooded

    Thanks guys much appreciate the comments! With each piece I'm learning, figuring out stuff.
    Here's some pics from the process, never made an sculpting armature quite like this before, worked out great. 20170611_180417.jpg
    I cut slots in a tube, and crimped each pair in.... 20170611_181809.jpg It made a nice flat profile doing it this way, as opposed to a bundle of wires. 20170614_234259.jpg I sculpted & baked the legs in pairs to preserve detail when handling such a small thing. 20170616_205303.jpg I then sculpted the body, baked, then added the tail. The clay is a mix of pink super sculpey, firm super sculpey, and premo black. Seems to work for me.
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  6. Isubomo

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    Looking good! :)

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