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It has become apparent that I am not welcome in this forum. I've grown tired or getting nothing but insults, criticism and ridicule. You say I should share some of my knowledge before I ask for that of others, but there's nothing I can share that you don't already know.

It seems there is no place here for a rookie with everyone else sitting high on the throne of achievement. I'm tired of getting nothing but negative input.

Do not respond to this message, I won't read it. If you send a message to my inbox, it will remain unread. If you feel the extreme need to send more insults or criticism of my work, I'm sure you can find some way of finding me.

You say my costumes and projects are worthless, but at least I'm trying to come up with something on by budget. Crap, you say? At least it was my creation, as unprofessional as it may seem.

I joined hoping to find enthusiastic artists and craftsmen willing to share their knowledge for the underdog, how wrong I was. It seems nobody here cares for someone who is below their own skill level.

I won't give up trying for the ultimate Predator suit, but I won't be asking anyone here for help. I'll return to filming. If any of you have an idea for a film, I will try to help despite your attitude and lack of respect for me in the past.

Remember, after this is posted, I shall never return to the Lair. Good luck to you all, and please, try to be more considerate of the other newbies who don't know anything.


This post should make us all feel deaply sad. Some should even feel ashamed. I suggest we all try to make sure something like this doesn't happen again.

The Big Gunns

Even though Keith isn't going to read this.. I am still going to post. Because I think there are other people out there who have gone through or are going this.

I started a group on myspace- and allot of people on the Lair are on my friends list. About 10 people joined the group with in 2 days of me starting it. This was his post on the group:

First off, it seems ironic that I made a group with the same goals as this one a few months ago- alienpredcostumes, and only have one other member. Now you come in and within 24 hours it seems we have dozens of people signing up. Am I just out of my league?
I think that sometimes people are so excited and enthusiastic about their work that they can't see the forest through the trees. If you create something and no one comments on a board, or buys it on eBay, or you start a group for costume building and no one joins .. that should tell you something. When people are excited about their work.. what they "hear" is.. you are new and stupid kid.. get lost. But what's really being said is "there is room for improvement". And that is not a bad thing.. because we all have room for improvement in everything we do.

What Carl said about his suit was very straight forward.. and maybe it was the first time someone told him his suits need work. But instead of leaving he should have used that as fuel for the fire to keep making better suits. I also think he didn't realize that he was putting the wagon before the horse when he was asking for animatronic help. You have to make a kick ass suit first.. before you add the lights and gizmos.

So I hope he does come back and read this, and maybe get a fresh perspective and new start on things. Because he does get an "A" for effort on his suits.
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damn you see i go to sleep and this happens,

First off no one......i mean no one should ever feel like their work is better than anyone elses here. IF you do think your better than anyone else ....your in the wrong place. if you think i'm wrong ...go work for winston

we all have different skill sets and budgets to work with, I agree with mels comment about taking what you created so far and trying harder to improve on it. Bolting after someone gives you critique on your work i don't think is the way to go.
I think you took some of the ball busting as ridicule...WE love busting chops here. sorry your perception of it was different. we grow on each other

So what, your costume isn't the best on the board, in my eyes you had enough passion and drive to make it...

i can't tell you how many times i heard my suit was **** or got laughed at for my first attempts... first i really never gave a rats ass what anyone thinks, second I used their comments both positive and negative to better my suit and to improve on my suit building skills. Along the way i have learned from some of the best costumers in the world.

it's all about learning and growing.

so i'll end my rambling with this, the lair should be a place for all to feel comfortable enough to show their works,regardless if your work is studio quality or if your just starting out and don't have the skill sets. The suit thread should be used as motivation ...

And "Tiger" if you lurk back here to check out this post...here is a little gem i tell everyone....."it's not the destination, it's the journey".



"Bolting after someone gives you critique on your work i don't think is the way to go. "

It doesn`t take a genius to look over this board.... and then take an HONEST look at what you yourself have come up with.... and weigh your own progress. Thats a tough thing for some peeps it seems. The ability to really look at your work compared to the others.

I have to wonder sometimes what peeps want. Do they really want to get better? Or do they want someone to blow smoke up their azzes, so they just THINK they are getting better? The greatest gift peeps can give you IS their honest oppinions. I think the Lair already IS a comfortable place for all. Imho. It really IS what you make of it. And as Andrew posted, it is the journey.... not the destination.


I second all comments posted as a relatively NEWBIE pred myself in the grand scale of things, the only difference being at 39 my skin is a bit thicker shall we say, but hey we are all different. I'm sorry I didnt respond to any of your particular posts as time is always limited for some of us and we dont get involved in all the issues. I personally have not come up against any unproductive comments relating to newbes and some of the most gutsy work I have seen by others would take a real slagging in the playground if you know what I mean. You have to start somewhere, said it a million times, it doesnt matter what you create its the creating that is a marvel.
So dude dont give up on us I personally would never give up on you, be safe and keep creating wherever you go.


I must have missed a lot by skimming over posts.

But if you do sneek a peek back here, Keith, please remember this.


Like I said, I must have missed a lot. I am sorry. I want to make the Uber-predator and I have a long way to go. In posts that I have made, I have recieved a lot of comments. Because I may not want to hear some of them does not mean that they are not honest. The people here have been fantastic with me and never have I felt more accepted in a group. The people that create items with their mind and hands are very protective of their work and can be very defensive. And they should be.

There is no shame in coming back. Matter of fact, it shows strenght of charactor. I have an attention disorder and no one has ever made fun of me. While first impressions are important, they are not always correct.

Come back and learn with me. Sometimes we can get so very angry that the entire worls seems to be against us. It is not so. Like a sculptor, you can not make the bust looking at it only from head on. You have to turn it, look at it from a different point of view.

I can not speak for anyone else and I do not pretend to, but I would welcome you back, welcome your IMs/e-mails. and your input. At 50 yoa, I have been called most everything there is. It's life.

Just think about it. You can IM me anyway.



stop crying... use that criticism as a push to make yourself try harder... we all start at the bottom...and we all have gifts or skills to add to the collective predatorscape... be patient...if you ask questions long enough you will get your answers...