Female Cybergoth Predator Costume


Thank you for this, I just grabbed a set of black and orange yarn falls off Etsy for not much money at all but they are perfect for my purposes. Plus I can sew beads into them. So thanks to you I've just saved myself a ton of work! Much appreciated!

I'm curious as to what the rest of your costume is going to look like, are you going to make the armour and clothing have a bit of a cybergoth feel to it as well? And how about the shoes, I can totally see a pair of New Rock boots working brilliantly with your idea.
Awesome!! And welcome ^^ I love Etsy, I have a little shop on there myself :)

I'm making just the upper torso part, which will have a fishnet top and tube top over that. I got biker gloves and will be using monster claws on my finger nails, will just put makeup on my hands. I have a bright yellow plaid skirt and will wear pink rights with fishnets and these super sweet black boot heels. I can't decide if I should add a little claw in the back of them


Finished painting the head!!!

Do you think I should give her a gloss finish? I have a can on clear gloss spray paint, is that what you use? Or would I use something else?
I can't decide, I really like how she looks now and she is slightly shiny already.

I'm having too much fun walking around in this hehe *Squeeeeees* My dog freaked!​
wicked paint job! (y)
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I am starting on a second mask just for the hell of it. This time it will have an open mouth and the mandibles will be slightly larger.

I'm going to go for more detail as well this time. I found a decent airbrush kit online for $20, it's only the airbrush and containers, but that's all I need.
I'm using a can of air for the air pressure.

I've been obsessing over the anatomy of the predators face, so I had to start sculpting again, would love to find an anatomy of the Predator race. Anyone?

After this sculpt I may start on either a Killer Croc mask or a Man Bat mask, will have to post that in the other Forum section when finished :D