Female Predator W.i.p Machiko Progress Pics Page 2

I will take more images of it soon! there are really no good photos of it finished, It has some pretty sweet detailing with some bones ...leather ..metal pieces

HAL1138 said:
Love the split lip!

Did you take more photos of the xenomorph trophy than what you posted? I would like to see how you made it. Thanks.

The front end is sculpted , molded, and slush casted with a smooth on plastic. Since NYCC is having some kinda weird fit over what props are made of lately I first used masking tape and some poster board till I got a shape I liked. used a full can of expanding foam and sprayed it as tight as possible in rows over the poster board. Once it was done I sprayed that with water and set it out to dry in the sun. Two days later I carved the foam into a desired shape, filled any craters with hot glue, covered the entire thing in masking tape and two layers of wood glue. Then i got a large sheet of worbla (my first time using that stuff, it is kinda like a fruit rollup full of sand when heated) Anyhow I heated the entire sheet and coated the entire head ( I wanted it to be ridged ) Once I finished this step I coated my worbla in about five layers of wood glue. Worbla has a strange gritty texture that would not work alone.


Next step was the paint job! Since I only had two days before the convention I planned on wearing this suit to I opted for a high gloss spray paint with some bronze ..This was half way through painting before my final coats and top coat


And here is what I have so far, I am waiting on some cool photoshoots, this was just me shitting around the convention floors


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