Female Predator


Well to start me and my friend have been sculpting a female predator costume for a client.  We based the sculpt on The Female Samurai Predator Maquette by Narin.  For the most part we have added our own design.  We were very exited to do this because there aren't too many decent female costumes out there.  And personally I would like very much to see my sexy wife wearing it to a convention or something along those lines.   We decided to sculpt a skin that armor could attach to.  Making it adjustable for various sizes.  It will fit ladies from 5'4'' to 6' tall between the 100 lb to 150 lb range.  Unfortunately we couldn't afford enough clay to sculpt the jabba the hut sized female LOL.  Maybe later.   I haven't been on here in a while and thought I would share some pictures.  We should be finished sometime next week.  I will post pictures of the finished product when it is completed.  Until then here are some photos to look at.  Hope you enjoy.


That is most of the pics for the skin.  Will try to post more later.  I will post some of the armor in the next few minutes.
Really liking the skin. It's great to finally see another female body sculpt on here, they're very rare. The only thing I can think of while looking at the second picture is that it almost looks like a spandex suit in the arm area around the inside of the elbow. It might need some detailing to make the transition from bicep to forearm more noticeable. Also the Bio looks awesome, it's something different but still maintains a very cool look.



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looks good. you should post up the pics of the head for people who are not friends with Pete on FB.
I like the detailing you've done on the back, looks very good. 

Although, saying you dont have enough clay for "jabba the hut sized female LOL" is just mean. 


I've seen this around on FB too, I love the route you're taking via a build that armor can be added too. I've always liked this idea, as it allows for so much more versatility with the skin. The scoots going down the back are 'different', but oddly they do work.


Purely awesome, I've been wanting to see someone do the Samurai female pred and look!! I got my wish hehe

I've thought about doing the armor bit myself, but I'm doing a different look now.