Female Yautja & Huntress Assemble

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Surrylda said:
Agreed. We've costumed since before the term "cosplay" was coined. What's interesting about the Pred culture is that the male's are pretty damn scantily clad too. It's an unspoken invitation to fight. I want the reptilian skin, the muscles & all the fun stuff that goes along with it - just female. I just hope to do it justice.

I've got nothing against the women that do the just "boobs & sex" thing - my groove & happy place is just on an entirely different level these days.

I'd love for you to hit me up on FB some time. I think we could collaborate & brainstorm the hell out of some awesomeness. 
I hear you on that one I love the reptile skin also
but i'm interested more in the pure HUNTREsSness....Is that a word tough I just made it one : P


Can you clarify what you see as "pure huntressness"? I find myself a little confused with you statment. :/

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That's our AZ group at a con a while back. There's 4 females in that picture and we have between 6 and 7 in the group at any given time.



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Just had someone friend me telling me she gets nowhere real fast in bringing up the female preds to her UK builders...
She needs to meet you all...to show her it can be done


I'm late to this thread due to me just now joining and kinda sorta completing my first pred build. This is all solid EVA foam and took me all of two weeks to build. I unfortunately did not have time before the con to complete my skin...so unfortunately I went without it. :( The mask however, is a Rlux custom airsoft mask. Thats the only part of the costume i did not make. Everything else including the dreads is all made by me. I've still got a LOOOONG way to go to complete this, though. Sooo many improvements need to be made too.



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new Shin Armour and Pred Feet of some sort. I'm tired of the boots look and want something better. Also I've changed to a different set of wrist bracers:

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