Femme Pred Spot Pattern (nude but not graphic)

Discussion in 'Predator Fan Art' started by Khajaa, Apr 4, 2010.

  1. Khajaa

    Khajaa Unblooded

    Sketched this today during downtime at the Easter family get-together. My scanner is cruddy and doesn't really do the picture justice, but whatever - I thought that you guys and gals might like it. All comments and constructive criticism are welcome.

    One other thing - the spots are not exactly like what I wanted because I did not have my preferred reference on hand. My most favorite spot design is that of Steve Wang's Mohawk Gremlin, and the final design will be much more similar to it in that it will have a larger variety of spot size variation.

    I guess you could say this design is somewhat reminiscent of the "Hippie" pred (though with smaller and more numerous spots), however I will be using the color scheme of "Boar" (black/brown/red/yellow/cream). Another interesting thing about my huntress is that her dread colors are patterned after porcupine quills.


    And on the subject of female preds having/not having breasts... I personally feel that they shouldn't as they aren't mammals (and how the heck do their babies suckle with a mouth like that?). However, I decided to just give her small ones for the sake of what has already been accepted in the fandom, and also so there is no gender confusion when I make the costume ("Are you a boy or a girl?!?"). Also, if they really would have breasts, they wouldn't be big anyway because their athletic build would have around 5% body fat. Just look at any female athlete and you can see this.

    EDIT: For instance, check out the body and breast size on two-time Ms. Olympia Rachel McLish (before she got breast implants, anyway). Bear in mind that this is probably as buff as a woman can get naturally, and is the kind of body that I imagine a REAL female Pred would have.
  2. perdanax

    perdanax Blooded

    :D ..i keep laughing when see your post especially on last part, finally someone speak it out, because i keep thinkking why female predator kit has "offenisve" body curve like .....mate,you got the logic.
  3. Ambush

    Ambush Blooded

    Great sketch and It made me laugh the part where you started to mention 'breasts'. But I do agree with you on that, how would a young predator suckle with a mouth like that? Hahaha! :D
  4. leeuwen12

    leeuwen12 Unblooded

    lol & lol but you're right....if you could make the bodycurves as female as possible and alter the head a little like rounder and the chin pointier and you don't even need breasts!...not that i don't like them on this one...maybe you could lay accents where the breasts should be with the spots...just trowing ideas around here....
  5. PredatrHuntr

    PredatrHuntr Veteran Hunter

    Boy, you're really on a roll here on the Lair aren't ya? I guess the body curves aren't round enough for you? Maybe the females where you come from are all well-endowed, but they come in all shapes and sizes. As for the head, it looks pretty feminine to me....SO how about YOU come up with your own ideas, draw them up and let us criticize them for you?

    Khajaa - I always love seeing female Preds drawn by different artists. GREAT job on the work you've done. Keep drawing and show us more of what you've got.
  6. predation

    predation Blooded

    ya know sometimes i wonder. since its said that female predators are larger than males, i wonder if the ones from Predators are female, despite the fact about their chests

    even though they are uglier, certain animal genders can be very distinguishable.

    also the nature of the bigger ones. female praying mantids would feed on their mates. so its possible that the female preds might just want to kill the males.

    just a thought
  7. predation

    predation Blooded

    let pervs be pervs
  8. JehdinThwei

    JehdinThwei Hunter

    Larger nipples. Just kidding ;)

    Great drawing and it looks proportionally very much like I imagined a female Yautja would look. Well done!!
  9. Yautja Queen

    Yautja Queen Blooded

    I think it looks great. I am still not sure on whether they would have breast or not, but Like you said, its easier to give the femal preds breast to avoid gender confusion. I would make my costume something like this. Well done!
  10. predation

    predation Blooded

    i have read in some media that female predators are sexually dimorphic so there can be many distinctive differences in their body compared to the males. oh and they are larger and stronger than the males
  11. thebeastwithin

    thebeastwithin Blooded

    mybe its the predator way to implant the tattas XD... but seriously, she used steriods which is what caused he much of decrease in breast size and that much muscle
  12. lifeburn

    lifeburn Blooded

    Khajaa: Very nice drawing, really like the spot pattern.

    Predation: You make a pretty good point about the females, now that I think of it Mr. Black did look kind of feminine. Especially his/her eyes. But thats for another thread.
  13. newpred

    newpred Blooded

    well considering male preds have a humanoid build much like our own the females would closely resemble our counter parts. Plus try getting a girl to suit up in a pred costume is hard enough then to have no place for her boobs would make it worse i would like to see more fem preds out in the streets
  14. Predator2B

    Predator2B Unblooded

    Why are you criticizing it? It's a beautiful drawing.

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