Fill your head with ....?


Hi Team! SO, mask mold done. Phew! now I have a question that I am sure some of you have the skill and experience to help with. The Predator mask being what it is, there is a LOT of space inside the head and around the mandibles around the mouth. Obviously to fill all of this space with silicone would be mental, not only because of the cost, but also the weight ..DAMN! so the question is...What are you guys filling your heads with?? Obviously I want to wear this and not fill it to sit on a shelf. I used a full head and shoulders armature and will use this to pump the silicone through, but I am at a lose as to filling the head...any suggestions would be awesome! Thank team.


1/2” upholstery foam works great fits nice and tight.I used hot glue to attach.
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Upholstery foam is great! You can buy sheets at a relatively low price allowing you to replace used foam in your mask after your convention outing to maintain hygiene as the foam can soak up a lot of sweat.


I've used Smooth-on "flex-foam" while the mask is still in the mold. Though need to be careful because it releases toxic fumes. But all in all I'd do a combination of both methods. Flex foam to get into the smallest creases and crevices like horns or large wrinkles and give them some support, and then using upholstery foam to pad out the rest.