Finding The Right Pepakura Files And Programs !


Evening everyone, I have begun Colonial Marine armor helmet v 1.5 BUT I want to cut more accurate lobster plates, so I'd good diagrams - so I can produce a better model on the foam board.

The PROBLEM is alot if not all of the links to pep and files are either PICTURES of pep - not what I actually need - or are garbarge links trying to fill up my computer with adware or everything except what I wanted.

Trying to download that 4shared crap from this site (Not your guys problem) got me some kind of media player, hijacked my browser to some crap a search bar... but no 4shared, no pep helmet files and I'm getting tired of looking for good links and uninstalling ad, spy and bloatware.

Any help would be wonderful !

Thanks !



Elite Hunter
the guys over at the 405th are all about pep.  someone over there might know of some good files.  that's where i would start my search.