First Bio-mask build....Better STL 3D models?



I have been playing around with my 3D printer for awhile and wanted to start a larger project. I decided Ironman and Stormtroopers are pretty played out, and I have always loved the Predator. After plenty of searching, I ran across this site and the awesome build threads.

So I started with several STL files found on Thingiverse. I decided on this one Predator mask with targeting LEDs by thirdearthdesign

So I started my prints:



and ended up with this:

However its to "vertical" and doesn't sit back on your head correctly to meet up with dreads. Seems like it was designed to be a wall hanger


Searching around I see many of the updated pepakura files have been converted to .stl 3D models.

This one seems to have the best details but I couldnt get it smooth enough: Predator Mask Mk4 by Jace1969

Someone made this one but it seems too fat in the face: Predator Mask Test (Halloween costume?) by 3080

This one seems the best: Predator Bio Helmet Life Size by Gaz23

So my question, is everyone a master sculpture on here or buys resin casts? Or is there another source for good 3D files I cannot find.

Thanks, and looking forward to building out a suit and posting updates.



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I have a handful of 3D files.
Most people on this site often go with more traditional routes. Sculpt or either buy then paint.
Screenshot_265.png Screenshot_266.png Screenshot_267.png Screenshot_268.png






I think your last one is pretty much the same as the one I am currently printing. Does it take a lot of refinishing work? Seems pretty "low poly". I played around in meshmixer trying to remesh and smooth it, but it didn't get much better. We'll see how the bondo and sanding come out after 15 more hours of printing.

Reading through the threads, I see you sell casts and molds, etc. Other than marketplace threads, is there a storefront or list of things available?


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I sell a few things here and there. Is someone wants something they private message me with what they want and I work off that. It's mostly suit parts and so on, head casts, busts and so on.