First Predator Costume! (Working Images)



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Hey guys,

With Halloween over, I thought I should share with you the first predator costume I've worked on for over a month. When I first began, I started browsing through various sites such as Predator Stuff and eventually came across a community site known as The Hunter's Lair. Personally, as an art major, I have experience with traditional art such as sculpture and painting, but have never constructed my own halloween costume of this nature. Before I continue, I'd like to thank the following people for advice that allowed me to reach this point in my costume:

Mortal: Putting up with my many questions regarding the overall process of what materials to use, etc.

Big Gunns: Same as above, and for inspiring me with her wonderful foamies armor tutorial.

XCal: For great deal on the predator latex mask and armor, definitely a pleasure doing business with you!

Savage Yautja: General advice, and introducing me to the community.

Raptor Arts: Good time talking with you about costume building, loved your alienated bio as well.

Kithunter: Big thanks for answering some of my other technical questions.

My roommate for inspiring me to go to such lengths (and money) for a Halloween costume...

...To pretty much everyone else who hangs out in the lair chat room.

Back on subject, I was originally interested in doing a Predator 1 style costume, but eventually took it further into something along the lines of a customized suit and armor type. I was actually going to heavily modify an AVP latex face mask, but after seeing what everyone here was posting, I decided to take it further with a realistic latex cast with separate dreadlocks to install. However, I did end up using AVP hands, but covered those with new gauntlets I built from scratch.

For the body suit, I went out and purchased a generic superhero costume and repainted it with the latex + acrylics + rubber cement adhesive combination and sealed it in the end with perma-wet, which has proven to be durable from my experience. The face mask was painted similarly minus the latex which I found to be somewhat irritating to deal with when painting over the red color in my suit, but it eventually worked out. I also individually installed the dreadlocks using armaflex foam tubing material and attached hand made resin beads which added more depth to the piece.

The armor was created through many, many, layers of "fun foam" material and some insulated cardboard bits for areas with increased thickness. The material is extremely durable overall, although it does have its limitations when compared to something more "hardened." For painting the armor, I ended up with straight acrylics and sealing with perma-wet at the end since I had a large enough stock. I also experimented with the glue gun a bit and produced raised areas and sections with alien blood dissolving the armor.

So without further ado, here are some images of my costume experience:

Here is a shot of the overall costume:

Front view of the face mask I painted:

Side view of the mask painted:

View of the armor:

Standing proud in the center of campus with our university statue:

Closer view:

Teletubby should know better than to pick a fight with a yautja:

Strangling a tubby':

Sacrificing something..

My favorite shot...
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For your very first Predsuit, you did an awesome job!!

Now get out there and collect some more Teletubby skulls!!!
You have to complete the whole set!!! LOL


The Big Gunns

Wow- I finally get to see that all my answers to your questions paid off I gotta give you kudos for building your suit from scratch and becoming and official "suit builder"

Only thing I would say is get some black makeup around your eyes next time out!



Thanks guys,

Yeah, I'm definitely going to install black mesh inside of the eyes or at least use paint in the future. I was a bit concerned about visibility since it was difficult enough to see much of anything as is.

Also, for an upgrade, I'd like to buy one of those one piece latex suits with the armor sculpted in (like in the Alien vs. Predator vs. Batman trailer.) It'd certainly make life a lot easier.



Most excellent for a first time suit builder. I always appreciated your honest questions in chat .you seem really eager to learn how to rather than where can i buy this or that.

some minors tweaks in the dred and armor section and your set...

an honor to add another suit builder to the suit thread. in turn now you can answer some of the questions that anyone new that comes to lair...

much props and kudos to you for your hard work.



Small update:

I recently finished putting together a predator display from the costume I wore this halloween, enjoy
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Good job!

Teletubbies in real life.. Woooooow... it's so scary!!


Great suit

Kill Teletubbies! Kill them all!!!!!!!!!!



nice job on you first suit. I have a few questons about your build....

1- which super hero fabric suit did you use as your base?

2- where did you get the feet on such short notice?