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Discussion in 'Predator Costumes' started by luciferian, Apr 23, 2016.

  1. luciferian

    luciferian Unblooded

    Hi everyone,

    I've been lurking and working on towards my first predator for ages now feels like yesterday i was procrastinating about building it and now i have the funds and the limited time i can.

    Please be kind i'm very open to any suggestions and improvements as i've never done anything so advanced before it takes me awhile to move to the next step. I've built a lot of armour and alien based costumes for star wars for fun but most of that was putting it together.

    Mostly i'm terrified to muck up the paint job on the latex head.

    Terrible at WIPS as well so please have a look and tell me what you think !

    First time using an airbrush so i've learnt a lot just having a go.

    My first duct tape dummy you'll see the shape change after i stuffed it but it works well enough and is a fairly close match to my body so my painting isn't to far off !

    My first skin underway the shape got a bit warped from leaving it lying down while the expanding foam dried but i try it on regularly to see if i've mucked it up. Also hadn't finished making the legs for it at this stage

    Trying it on i was so happy when it fit where my breasts and pretend abs would be, my boyfriend is a wonderful photographer and patient while he holds things for me !

    So this was yesterdays work i've not had time until now to work on darkening the skin as we got a new work area for me to paint and store my gear so heres the most recent work now with beer and music !


    I made the legs with my boyfriends help but one has gone missing so until i can find it or make a new one i'm just painting as i go, i used stencil for the spots here the paint was fresh and looked very striking.

    The back of the suit and my washing in the background, because of were i live there is a lot of walking trails at the back of our house and i've been told from afar it looks like i've killed and skinned someone i frightened the hell out of my neighbor when i hung it up to dry initially.

    The side i was making it darker with a standard brown and i liked how it highlighted so i'm going to continue with that brown area down the rest of the skin.

    Tried this on this morning to see how the colour came up, over all i was very happy with it but i think it needs to be slightly darker around the stomach and obviously the legs. The spots faded a bit as they dried which worked out great of me because i used this lovely dark red mixed with a very dark purple as a base i want to add more spots in with a brassy colour and layer finally with black.

    the back of the skin there is a few paint splatters from my stencil as it tended to drip after awhile, easily hidden with some armour and darker colours. I'm doing more detail around the backside and under the thighs with the spots to creepy up both sides. Again i think the legs need a darker colour but its getting there.


    My feet from Terrmock, b pulls but i wanted something to learn with to fix up i'm really looking forward to making shoe lifts and reinforcing the sides but terrified at the same time i'll make a mistake.


    So thats my pred so far, i do have a berserker head that my boyfriend bought me as a birthday present years ago. And i want to start on that but so nervous about painting her up. I almost want to pay someone to paint it for me but not.

    Still trying to source raw hands, neck seal, dreads and potentially dread rings.

    Once i've completed the skin i'll start looking at my armour i have this beautiful piece of hide i bought for another project but was to thick, that i'm going to use for her armour especially the breast plates and legs.

    Because of my other building skills i've already made one spear for another costume for my Mando merc as a beast master so the design process with the trophies is always a fun for me.

    Luckily i am able to purchase animal parts that have been retrieved from roadkill from native Australian animals i've got about 100 echidna quills i've used in various projects that look great !

    Any tips on paint the head and working with shoe lifts will be much appreciated, luckily i'm fairly tall and i'll easily reach over 6ft with 2inch lifts or more.
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  2. predtrooper

    predtrooper Blooded

    I think this is going to look fantastic . And the colours look geat.
  3. luciferian

    luciferian Unblooded

    Thank you !

    I'm always looking at other peoples builds and and worried mine won't look as good !
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  4. predtrooper

    predtrooper Blooded

    Never compare yourself to the people on here. Compare yourself to the people who never botherd to try in the first place
  5. HAL1138

    HAL1138 Blooded

    Looking great!!! The only thing I'd suggest is putting spots down the side seam. It should be great camouflage. You probably already have a plan for that, but wanted to mention it. I really like the color pallet you are working with. Keep up the good work!!!
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  6. luciferian

    luciferian Unblooded

    Small update with my feet i've started to make the shoe lifts for the feet, i've not had to many issues so far i'm just waiting to get some rubber cement to glue my lifts to the bottom and a few screws to secure it all together.

    For the split in the back i'm aiming to insert some velcro to help secure the backs.

  7. Jmen

    Jmen Hunter

    Good job:)
  8. KingJamie

    KingJamie Blooded

    Stop it already! Your suit looks phenomenal considering the limitations of your medium. Wait until you layer on the armor and accessories, the mask with dreads, the helmet, etc., and I think you're going to impress yourself with how awesome it looks in the end! Don't ever be discouraged or intimidated by anyone's work! My first costume was a paper mache and duct tape stormtrooper with a painted clean room suit and white rubber rain boots! Twenty years later I was making props for movies. Thirty years later I was directing and producing them. ;)
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  9. M77

    M77 Hunter

    I totally agree with Jamie and predtrooper earlier on; it's so cool you are doing this. I just do scale kits 'cause a full suit is too daunting Very curious to see more!
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  10. LunaticNic

    LunaticNic Hunter

    Lol I had the same issue with my first suit, and worried it wouldn't match others in quality.I made the mistake of rushing my build, and in result it wasn't all that good, however practice makes perfect.
    Just read about your Berserker head. Now are you planning on giving it a Berserker paint up and wearing it with your suit? Or giving it a custom paint up? Just wondering as I'm not sure how well a Berserker paint up would match yours ... you could work with your suit, that it fades from grey to the current color scheme.
  11. luciferian

    luciferian Unblooded

    Ah thank you everyone for the kind words im really happy with how things are going so far. Like most artist I'm my own worst enemy but I'll keep at it until im happy.

    Lunatic to answer you question im using the berseker head i know the one reference picture the colour and pattern are very different im working my suit up to that level but in soft browns, reds, yellows and a hint of green. The head will have a berseker paintup but to match my suit, there is a bit of artistic licence in that regard.
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  12. luciferian

    luciferian Unblooded

    Little bit of an update, i've now finished my skin the colours are heaps darker now i might add some green spots in at the last but i don't think i'll go and darker then that.

    Finally finished painting my feet and attaching the lifts i just need to darker the sandal strap and paint the toes a soft pink colour because i am a fabulous hunter!


    I've started on the armour as well because i've gone with a berserker style head i want minimal armour i based it off a hot toys berkser armour image i found on the net. Next thing i'll be tackling after my armour is the head which i need to cut and paint.

    Overall i'm pretty happy with how my pred is turning out, and so far i'm finding everything relatively easy !
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  13. Jmen

    Jmen Hunter

    Tiny black and green+yellow spots and it will be just awesome_) (y)
  14. Wreav

    Wreav Community Staff

    Well done Kat!
  15. luciferian

    luciferian Unblooded

    Been taking advantage of the great weather to start working on my armour, whilst waiting for more supplies to arrive.

    Start of my back plate layering it up with an slightly different design, it'll be covered in worbla and sprayed with plasti dip on the inside

    the front of the breast plate all tapped up i've gone a half back plate design inline with more tribal berserker armour, the side piece will inter lock and have two clasps to connect them and make it easier for transport.


    The back plate taped up the masking tape will indicate where my strapping will go once i have the supplies. Plus some extra design stuff once the base shape is finished.


    Inner workings of my loin cloth, i have a vegetable tanned hide that i've been holding onto for ever and a day i wanted to use more leather in my build and it turned out to be the perfect material to use so far. It will also be the basis for my strapping.

    And lastly a better shot of my feet so far

  16. luciferian

    luciferian Unblooded

    Bit more progress and as always slow on finishing things, between an extreme summer of +40 degree days and my work shed being infested by every spider in Australia known to man.

    First up is my feet and hands finished and ready to go. Sadly i went to check my feet today to find the latex has perished from the extreme heat wave, i've attempted to fix the perished areas but it may need to be scrapped all together.

    The hands are fine kindly provided by Bryan Prop Shop which are fine and ready to go i've also got some gauntlets to be drilled out and painted.

    My head i've been stalling off painting it mostly because i was paranoid about messing it up. Finally had a sunny day to get stuck into it, with my paint job i'm not going movie based berserk but my adaptation basing it partially off a hot toy figurine and my own colour scheme.

    Hoping to finish the head off tomorrow and install my dreads and teeth.





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  17. Jmen

    Jmen Hunter

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  18. luciferian

    luciferian Unblooded

  19. luciferian

    luciferian Unblooded

    Progress the light makes all the difference for the colour, looking to install my dreds tomorrow and to find my missing quills. The perfect weather has helped a lot in progressing.





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  20. luciferian

    luciferian Unblooded

    Small update installed my dreads today, that i picked up off Termokk and they are absolutely awesome.

    I've not glued them in as of yet as i wanted my placement right before committing to it.

    I'm trying to hunt down some dread rings with little success at this time.

    Comments are most welcome :)



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  21. Jmen

    Jmen Hunter

    1. Color scheme is awesome.
    2. Dreads are flexible?
  22. luciferian

    luciferian Unblooded

    Thank you :)

    And yes they are pretty flexible they have substantial bend in them.

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