First Predator Progress NOT FINSHED YET!!!!

Just sharing my first predator progress. I live in Denver, and was snowed in so I had a lot of time to work on this. Anyway, here goes...

First try at painting a mask. I do not have the airbrush skills, so I will be doing this by hand. I will detail more and add the permawet afterwards. Consulting many on this board for help.

Armor was cut out of plastic 70 gallon tubes and will be painted with a cool "hammered metal" spray paint I found and then I will add the black for dirtying effect.

Bodysuit is foam glued over a lycra bodysuit. This allows muscle movement AND ventilation between seems.

All put together.

I am not happy with the resin gauntlets and will be replacing those, possible with aluminum ones unless someone has a better idea. Still adding more armor pieces such as the shins, chest, buckle. Still looking for netting and will be adding the AVP pouches to the belt. Making a spear and will have an alien head mounted on it. The goal is the "Chopper" predator with the two skulls, but I may get one of the Alien Bios from one of our fellow hunters. Anyway, just thought I would share...
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I think it looks good, I think the foam muscle you did looks really good! the only thing I can see that I would do is maybe add some veining inside the mouth, or break up the color a little bit with a similar color. good job!
looks good for you first suit! latex gauntlets are good they are light and can take a beating(Dan Snyder makes good AVP ones). Dragonfyre4(Mike) makes chopper bios, if ya insterated

where ya get the mask and gauntlets from?
Thanks, guys! The dreads are foam. The gauntlets are latex P1 versions (I know, its terrible) which had the details expanded with styrofoam. The mask was acquired on ebay. After seeing the masks on this site, I am working to completely repaint it and add the quills. I would be interested in seeing those gauntlets and the Chopper helmet, but I am unsure that the helmet will fit on the "open" mouth (ideas?). Also considered the Alien Bio being sold here for variety. Planning for the canon as well.

Thanks to eveyone for their threads and help. This site is awesome! With AVP 2: Survival of the Fittest coming out this year, it will be fun. I hope the ones who have the gauntlets and the helmet contact me. I know there is some speculation with newbies, that's why I posted so eveyone knows I'm legit!
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really cool job for your first time, i think that you costume looks great.

i begun to buy pices now for my predator costume and hope i can get it finished in the end of this year so its totally complete.

i just bought a mask thats now on its way and im really looking forvard to see it :)...............But i hope that my costume will look just as good as this one in my first try.

i know it can be difficoult to build a costume for the first time, i tried that with Darth Vader, i made the armor out of thick pc plast and so on, but now its replaced with glasfiber armor, but again for the first time, i think that you have a really cool costume, and i love the armor parts. pretty good job there.


Looks great for a 1st. When you paint a pred start with white as your base coat and cut pieces of foam makeup sponges into the pred spot designs and stamp them. Hope this helps.
I worked on the mask this weekend. Started off completely repainting it utilizing more contrasting colors. I have myself in the picture for a possible flip-book required at some costume contests...

Painted the inside mouth with more red and details with red paint. Drew in veins and arteries with various colors of markers...

After painting a three-color scheme by hand on the head, drew in the "freckles" with a black sharpie. Enhanced details with various permanent markers. I know it doesn't look as good as some of the airbrush masters here, but I think with the Permawet it will look much better.

I will be adding the quills and dread beads next. Any great ideas for installing quills? Before or after permawet I am thinking after. Thanks again for the help. You may notice the reference pictures taped around my studio.
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wow you did a great job on the mask, i love the paintjob.

The mouth now look really cool and i love the way you have paintet the veins and arteries.
Hey Kurt love the way this suit look and really can't wait until the finished product is posted. I am suprised nobody has mentioned this idea yet for your "open mouth" problem, well what you want to do is get some wire that is just thick enough to where you can bend it easily but strong enough to still hold it's postion. Now what your going to do is get the wir and run it through to the end of the lower mandiblesand once you have it in place depending on the thickness of the wire you might have to take a little foam and shove it in there to give the wire a secure postion. There is two ways to secure the wire 1: is by having an entire piece of wire runngin from one mandible all the way going to the back of the head and coming back around to the other mandible (in my mind this is the most secure way to do it.). 2: you can have jut a sshort piece of wir just the length of each mandible (the only problem with this is that the hort wire will be most likely poking in the side of the mask and might even tear a hole into the side of it). Now when you have the wir secured down you can simply bend the wire until you get the position you want and the good this about doign this is that if you ever want to just carry the bio around you can imply bend the wire to give the desire mouth affect. Hope thi helps in anyway, and if I got any part of this wrong I am sure some of the Vets here will correct me. So good luck hope the suit comes out the way you want it to, and we will be waiting on some update photos.



Awesome repaint on the mask, Kurt!!

What costume contests required a flip-book?

I can only speculate that Sci-fi conventions may require proof of maker for their contests. Is that right?

This looks really good, as Scott said the way you've layered your dreads is very striking. Nice paint job too. I love to see custom preds. :)

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Looks are getting better, I like your idea of the spot patteren. I like the light brownish spot seperate from the black ones. I think it gives it a bolder look to it.
Thanks, guys for your support. I must take the time to give credit for all of you for the standards that have been set on this forum and by your costumes.

As far as the flip book, is has been required at several sci-fi conventions. I guess there have been some contestants who have been either just buying costumes or paying soemone else to do it, and taking the money. Some contests actuall require a "skit" as well. Hmmmmmmm....

Thanks for the info on the mouth-closure setup. I may try that, maybe just to get a bio-helmet on. Still debating on whether to just leave it open.

Yes, I did the spots with a Sharpie. As mentioned before, my airbrushing skills are not as good as some of you guys. My skills lie with the conventional media of markers, pencil, pastel, acryllic paint, etc. After seeing the detail fo the others, I reverted back to what I knew. The sharpie, for me, is very controllable and efficient. Using the markers in the mouth was much easier as well and allowed for "layering" since the marker ink soaked in. As far as the detailing, you guys set that standard and I referred to those samples for mine.

Thanks again. Now if you excuse me, I have a predator to finish!!!