First time attempting to build a costume and i decided on predator


Hi im dekka from the uk and its my first time building a costume. Big time fan of predator

The idea popped into my head a while back after stumbling upon some basic templates of a bio i found online. After a few attempts with the temps i could see it wasnt going well.
so looked deeper into the abyss and stumbled upon pepakura problem was i didnt own a printer didnt have any materials money or tools what so ever to get me started. So decided to sell my ps4 and a hand full of games to get some capital together to start my project. After getting a printer card and various other items i printed off the sheets for pred bio helm and found myself sat in a world of confusion sat staring at the various patterns upon the sheets of card i was scared i spent days just looking at them thinking wtf . Shortly after i started to see a pattern the jigsaw of peices on the card started to almost jump out i could see the parts coming together in my mind so set about cutting them out.
Took a while as i had to keep stopping cramps and stiffness in my hands made it difficult but the bio was build and i had a renewed enthusiasm in my project started the chest armor next (still partly finished)
made the back pack just awaiting a frame or stand so my home made dummy can be placed so i can finish building the chest and fit backpack easier.
I often feel i have bitten off more than i can chew especially after building the calf armor omg there a little too big for my scrawney legs so had to scale down alot.
with funds being very very tight im struggling alot some parts id rather were made from foam but being a first timer trying to keep wasteage down and if i make any mistakes could be quite costly. Plus the fact i ve never used eva foam before so i think something smaller to get a practice run in so i can test best ways to cut shape and what not.
Im definitley out of my deptht here feel like a first time swimmer whos been dropped into shark infested waters lol.
The hardest part of all is trying not to think 20 steps ahead trying to figure out electronics for the helm arm computer and cannon and how far im willing to go to try and acheive a good effect i used to have a good insight into electronics and circuitry but that was 20 years ago and it seems my knowledge is outdated and obsolete.
i ll try and upload some pics of progress later today.

Any help i could receive or advice would be awesome even a little push in the right direction even better.


so wasnt for about a week i realised the card i was using was way to thick not till i came to do the calf armor. but should of known earlier when doing the back pack i noticed back folds after scoring and such to my ignorance i ventured fourth. bought some thinner card today and gonna use it to make a new bio see if i can improve on my other attempt you can see my first attempt at the calf armor and the rescale i did in the pic

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It's really looking good man! :)

Can't wrap my head around Pepakura either (esp the card, foam is ok..) as it does my head in, lol... But this is an awesome start!

Looking forward to see more!


Wow, that is mind boggling! You have got the patience of a saint my friend!

Ok, a few things come to mind that are inexpensive treatments and will give your finished product a movie prop feel. Any brand of stone type textured spray will put a nice thick coat of plastic over the paper. The silver/gray would be ideal over which you can apply whatever degree of weathering that suits you via a dry brush technique. Keychain laser pointers are dirt cheap and a cluster of three can be bound together and used as a crude targeting device in the helmet.


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