FOR SALE: Huntress Predator by Wreav

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    Huntress Blooded

    FOR SALE: Female Huntress Predator costume


    This Predator was made by the team of very talented individuals at Wreav, custom fabrication and paint by Scott Marshall and Trellis LeDoux. It is a full latex body suit and head. This sale is for the full costume only, not individually selling pieces.

    - Head,
    - Wolf Neck Collar,
    - Original Wreav Neck Collar,
    - Mandalorian Skull & Bone/Bead necklace.
    - Torso with body netting it also has the Breast plates, Shoulder armour, left and right hip armour attached to the Torso, (torso arms go to mid forearm and legs go to mid calf, its split up the back from the neck to the top of the butt and closes with velcro)
    - Butt Armour plate,
    - Berserker Cod Piece,
    - Hand Gloves,
    -Feet (have 3" lifts built in will fit a men's size 10 1/2" or women's size 12),
    - Shin armour (2 sets, 1 closed, 1 cut in the back closed by velcro)
    - Set of Wreav Wrist Armour
    - P1 Wrist blade gauntlet and P1 Countdown timer gauntlet.
    - AVP Wrist Blade Gauntlet
    - DeWalt 60 gallon storage case, it will be shipped in this case wrapped up in cardboard.

    SHIPPING: Ships from Burlington, Ontario, Canada. Please inquire for shipping costs.

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    P1 Wrist blade and countdown timer gauntlets
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    Wreav wrist armour, 2nd set of shin armour uncut, Wreav neck collar.
    View attachment 267603

    SIZING: As for body measurements I'm 6'2" and weigh 185 lbs, With a 35" waist, 40" chest, 50" around the shoulders, and 22" thighs. It is tight in the chest and shoulders area and but has room in the legs.
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