Fun foam AVP shin armour tutorial: (pics now restored)



Items required

1. Fun foam (obvious really) scissors and a scalpel or craft knife
3. Plain paper (lots of this as mistakes happen)
4. Hot glue gun and PVA glue and some thin material (muslin or cheese cloth
should do)
5. A duct tape dummy of your leg (this is optional but I found it very
helpful indeed)
6. Lots of reference pictures (got mine out of the AVP creature book)
7. Patience (lots required)

Okay so first off and also the hardest you need to make the
templates/patterns for your armour.
For this I used the duct tape dummy of my leg and the plain paper


I anchored the paper to one half the leg and drew the shape of the armour I
had in mind, I then cut it out and placed it back on the leg to make sure it looked correct.


Next I mirrored the template onto another piece of paper and cut that out and stuck it together with the first part.


Then added the additional decoration bits to it


I use 2mm funfoam mainly because it's all I can get, But in this case it's a must for me, as I approached the construction in layers. what you can see above is the foundation layer, the innermost part of the armour, and from the reference pics It had an oval cut out which would have been difficult to re-create with thicker foam. What I did was to draw the templates onto the foam.


Like so, then I cut out the oval from the upper piece and glued the two 2mm template shapes together with hot glue.

Next I drew out the templates for the next layer which is purely decorative, it is also quite tricky to do too, as it contains some shapes that need to be cut out with a very sharp blade.


As you can see the two rounded triangular shapes are what cover your ankles, and these have some rounded slits and also two small circular shapes that will point towards the foot.

Next carefully cut the shape out and lay it atop the lower layer to make sure it fits okay


Once you've done that you can glue it in place. Now for the dangerous bit, heating and shaping it, you can do this over a gas cooker burner. Just be careful not to overheat the foam or burn you fingers, and I can take no responsibility for you singing your digits. Just hold it over the flame not in it and mold away. Once you've got the shape you need feel free to use any old material to back the armour and coat that liberally with PVA glue, leave it over night in the shape you molded and the material and PVA will have stiffened to hold the shape well.


Now you can trim the back of it to fit your calf's and use either velcro or any means of closure you wish. I would run a strip of foam down the seam to hide the join and make it look better.

Now comes your time to paint it. I could write down how to do it. But I recommend you read Mel's original foamies tutorial as I can't add to it any better. The only difference I use is that i do a single coat of thin latex, wait for it to dry, then add a thickened coat to seal any gaps or seams, then I just paint and texture the pieces exactly the same as Mel's tutorial

Have fun


the amazing world of foamies all i need to do is to figure out how to make a mold or fiberglass it and no more calying for me lol



Thatis some sweet work!

These foamies really are useful. You should paint this with that GUNMETAL spray paint that when it drys has that weird texture to it.

Get one of those weird spray paints that is for like furniture which has all the "SAND" or something in it mixed with the paint. Spray that on FOR TEXTURE, then put on ur silver and such.

But then again u dont need suggestions from me, ur doing great on ur own.



Gene thanks mate. The problem with spray paint is that when the foam bends the paint cracks, I had this happen when I used some on the fomies shoulder piece from ages back. Yes foamies are useful and hella quick too once you have the templates done.

As for suggestions Gene bang them in here that's what the lair is all about. I did this couple of guys asked how to do it, so I wrote this up hoping it helps someone else. Mel helped me big time when I first started using foamies, so a big nod needs to go in her direction too.


Too bad it wasn't in the right colors. I just found some krylon latex spray paint at Wal-Mart tonight. They only had red, black, and a sandy color.


Maverick118 great work man! nice to see so much enthusiasim in your posts Ive seen the others too great work.. the arm gauntlet looks the same as the real one..



Cheers Pete, nice to see you back in the lair, you might want to think about giving this stuff a go, as it makes for excellent stunt armour for filming, cheap and quick to make once you've got your patterns sorted.


I sculpted my pred suit with most of the same foam you use. then coved it in latex and molded thing about that foam is its fast to work with and semi flexable..saves alot of time from making purfect lines with

Have you tried a heat gun for making bends? for knees and shoulder or other rounded parts I heat it up both sides and use my knee to bend and hold.. and let cool down, use work gloves the stuff gets HOT!

also there is a floor mat you can get made from the same foam just about 10 times thicker... good for some things.



I use the hob on my stove to heat it up and bend it, then when it's cooled I back it with some cheap(and I mean cheap) fabric and PVA glue and boy does it hold it's shape after that, then like yourself I coat it with latex and seal any seams and it looks like one piece. I'm still throwing clay about mate, and have a couple of new pieces on the go, one's a new pred head, got the other one I did all molded, just trying to find time to actually cast it is the pain, too much to do and never enough time.


Thanks this goes well with my full fomie AVP armour now all i need is the ceremonial dagger and AVP back armour layout, thanks again
Great Job :D