Funny shoulder pad


Hi folks,
i got bored today so I tried to make something.
Few months ago i bought a mysteria P2 bio and i wanted to recast it and use it as a base for bigger P2. Well I ended up with just a mold and there was no taste for casting it. Then one day i filled the mold with expanding foam and heres what it looks like. I thought of using it as a shoulder bell, so i vent down to garage to pant it. Unfortunately I noticed that i ran out of black:( so excuse that paintjob please. I only got a colours like silver, brown, orange and copper, so thats why i call it a ,,funny shoulderpad" :)





Neat idea, maybe something a "Bad Blood" would do...take the bios from other Preds as trophies and decorate himself with them. Make a few different ones and add some damage to them...a lot goin there.


It can well work! The badblood thing is definitely the new fashion in Yautja trends these days.
I'm using a Predalien skull as a shoulder bell and in Narin's latest sculpture its all decorated with Predator skull heads. So run with it!