Gallery Exhibition. (ideas please)


Okay folks I'm asking for your creative input. I was asked out of the blue by an aquaintance of mine who owns an art gallery. If I would mind displaying some of my work for a small exhibition. I will not be alone but the gallery will be broken up into sections to accomodate different artistic fields. Painting, Photography, Digital manipulated imagery and my contribution. They will in a sense be separate exhibits and each one requires a title. This is where I'd like your help. I've been trying to come up with a title and so far I've drawn a blank. Seeing as the stuff I will be showing will be to do with Predator. Sketches, Photos and 3D pieces. I'm looking for something that gives a sense of what will be included in the exhibit but also relates to the subject matter. So feel free to go crazy. If I go with any of your suggestions you will get a credit and of course You know this place is going to get a plug too
Anyway get your thinking caps on and lets see what happens?

P.S. This is a first for me and I'm crapping myself


Wow. 71 views in two days and only 3 replies. I thought I might get a few more responses than that. Maybe I was being somewhat dense in coming up with a title by myself, but I really couldn't think of anything that didn't sound totally cheesy.
My thanks go out to those who did respond and your suggestions or combinations of are under consideration. The next task is to translate them into Korean and find out which work and which do not and come to a decision. Anyone else who suddenly has a flash of inspiration feel free to add your thoughts, as it doesn't go ahead for another two months.



You mean "you're", right? Wouldn't want someone to use "your" and get laughed out of the gallery. ;D

Don't have any suggestions really. That's a tough call. Hmmn.


El Diablo que hace tropheos de hombre

LOL... not really being serious, I just like the quote

You could go with Hunter's Trophy Case