Gauntlet buttons Switches



I have looked over the tuturials for the leds and count down effects...and ive decided to just buy some cheap toys with lights and flashy things to create a similar design but of course would be slightly differnt from the film. My question is if anyone has done this? I know Pete has. For the buttons to the guantlet would it be best to use whatever activates the toys lights or just go get some toggle switches and buttons like that...sometimes when taking these things apart the buttons cant operate any more and you have to take the wires to another switch. Just seeing what everyone prefers and what people have done on their own Thanks any suggestions or tips would be appreciated

Gene Pred

Mark,,, aka (predator314), showed me his gauntlet light set-up at the prop party. He was using bicycle reflector LED's. Maybe he will post or possibly contact him to get details. They were cool.


Yautja Clone :.