General questions on parts...

Tjauke Zazin

Hello all, I just have a few questions about making weapons.

-What would you suggest for adding the color? Normal paint or some other material?

-Any certain parts you'd recommend for a combistick that works? (Such as springs, tubes, etc)

-What would you make the handle and blade from for an effective sword?

-How do you create such a thing?

That's all for now, thanks for reading!


Everything depends on how much you're willing to spend, and weather you're looking for raw (unfinished and unpainted) things or fully painted up items.

Dreadlocks - Backer Rod. Search online for this stuff or contact Bovine, he can hook you up.

Feet and hands - [URL=""][/URL]

Cheaper alternative is halloween skeleton hands and feet, or if you can find them, warewolf hands and feet. Just pull off the hair.

Blades - You could use resin, or PVC plastic. There is a template on this site. Search the forums. If I find it, I'll edit this post and link you up.

Sword - No idea really

Combistick. Darth Maul lightsaber is a cheap way of doing it. More expensive. Not sure, sorry.

Magnet's will work fine on the rubies mask. Make sure the magnets are EARTH magnets or NEO magnets.

Hope this helps.


I would also be interested in hearing responses to this...especially about modifying the Rubies AVP mask (I plan on also re-doing the dreads or at least adding some more to it, but I'm not sure how! Please help!).

Funny thing is I am also a newbie here and a novice costume builder. I just happened upon this link the other day which illustrates some of the same ideas Venger said with photo examples (like the lightsaber spear and skeleton feet)!

Shockwolf's Budget Suit

I especially love the squirtgun Plasma Cannon! :) I got mine for just $1! It'll look cool once I get it painted up.

My problem was gonna be finding pieces of armor (I don't want to buy expensive latex pieces or cut up plastic buckets to make it) but I found some rubber Automotive floormats that might just work for thigh armor!

Tjauke Zazin

Alright, well, that'll lead up to a couple more questions...

Can you get backer rods at places like Home Depot or Lowes?
Where might you get PVC plastic?


Yes, you can quite easilly mod the rubies mask, thats what I did. I did ditch the bio helmet that came with it, and cut off the face. Added my own dreds to it, and purchased a new bio....worked out rather well....and cheap! I did a post about a year ago on how I did it..somewhere in the Huntorials, I will try to look it up. I called it something along the lines of 'dreesing up a turd'.
Here is the finished least from last year, to give you an idea.



Hm... Perfect. That's got all the information I need when it comes to parts and creation. Thanks.

no problem. Lots of info on the lair on how to do pretty much anything....just have to do a bit of digging. Check out some of te older posts.....some good stuff!!!