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Hey everyone! I am a newbie. I have been wanting to create a predator suit for a long time. I have been asking questions for a long time without any success. I was given this forum address by some who had a predator suit already. I have looked at photos through this forum and the creations I have seen are awesome. I want to know where to start and how to create start making my predator. For example how do you make the mold of the head. Where do you start? If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Joseph.


Welcome Joseph!!

I suggest you hit the Tutorials section first. Read back as far as you can every post and topic. That should get you going in the right direction with some info on how others have started their Predator costumes.

Research is the key to an informed choice of where you want to start.

On my very first Predator costume, I started with a body suit and work your my way out from that. Without it's skin, the predator is nothing but a human in armor.

After the body suit, you can concentrate on the armor, bio helmet, mask and weapons.

Where to start? Why, at the beginning, of course!!

Now get to reading those posts, taking notes, saving pictures and ordering materials!


The Big Gunns

Welcome aboard hunter!

Building a predator suit is a costly endeavor no matter how you do it.
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There are 2 kinds of suits... premade and one you build yourself. The premade suits are a little harder to come by these days and run around $1500-$2500 for a fully painted suit. A suit your build yourself can be done somewhat inexpensively, but it requires time and patience on your part.

If you are going to build your suit.. here are some optons for materials and how some suits are made. Most of the info on how to do this is on this board.. you just have to read through all the posts..(all of them! ) If after reading through all the posts you still don't find the answers, then start asking questions.

Types of bodysuits:
1) Spandex suit with couch foam muscles you make
2) Spandex suit with store bought generic muscle facade a
3) Mr. Incredible costume (muscle suit that you latex and paint)

Types of armor:
1) Foamies/ minicell
2) pvc buckets
3) latex
4) resin

Types of dreads:
1) foam
2) backer rod

1) sculpt your own (requires you buy a bust, 50 lbs of clay, sculpting tools, cement, latex)
2) buy a 3/4 mask and a bio on ebay
3) buy a mask (raw or painted) some you can find around here.. some are on ebay)

Dont forget... all these items need paint. Some you can paint yourself, but other things like the mask and bodysuit require airbrushing. There are quite a few painters here on the Lair.

Good luck with your suit and keep us posted.
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