Good Luck Guys


Tina and I are getting so tired of all the dishonest people on these site.

The reason I bailed out of the business some time ago is because of all the ********.

Everyone have a good life.

I have opted to bail.

If you are still intyerested I have a Disc weapon that was given to 2oth century fox execs for sale as long as the Wasp Bio. I am getting out of the Predator and Alien collecting. Too many dishonest people. And frankly I am tired of putting the effort into getting information or my money back.

I have been a member here for a while now and have enjoyed it mostly.



Hey Cary, I'm really sorry to see things get to you this way :) I sent you a PM. It would be a real shame to lose you around here.



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Sorry to see anyone leave because of peoples ATTITUDES/ETHICS/MORALS ( or lack of them )

i hope all the retarded scumbags dont scare everyone off, i mean we are meant to be people who love this film,here to share ideas and thoughts.

YET alot of people consider stomping on other members/threatening them generally being abbusive and not to mention the CA**ING word. A good form of practise, basically they either want to get into the film industry by any means possible, or make a quick buck.

you just cant trust anyone it seems nowadays, seems like 95% are just trying to **** you over.

i hope this trend doesnt continue or i see alot of people me included bailing.


Totally agree with ya on that one Lee,

Seems everytime one turns around someone is pissed off at someone else because of something some ******* did to piss everyone else off. Quite frankly, im tired of all the ******** that surrounds this hobby. that is why im selling off all my stuff, i only come here to hang out with the friends that i've made over the last couple of years. But all this **** about people getting bullied out of something they took the time to make and have sweated and tooled over for months by some jackass who is only wanting it to get into the biz or to make a quick buck, like Lee said, is just garbage. Im just here to say that what i think really doesn't matter to everyone, but im gonna post it anyway...there just doesn't seem to be any ethics or morals any more save for the very few people that i trust. And sweeping this ******** under the rug is JUST as bad as supporting it or doing it yourself. I will back my friends 120% all the time on anything because i trust them. Lets just hope that all the ******** gets cleaned up and stopped before it gets really out of hand.

now, this is a place dedicated to the showing off and enjoyment of a creature that we all love and to the people that work real hard to make it come to life for them. This shouldn't be a place for BS or drama or people fighting about who did what to who or what not. Just do your own damn work or pay someone for theirs, plain and simple. Rant off



im new to this site but it seems a shame you feel like you have to get out because of dickheads,hope you take 5 and have a rethink and stick with it otherwise the dickheads win.dont get me wrong i dont suffer fools easy and if someone riped me off they would regret it in a big way but it seems a shame you feel like you have to give up your passion
take care


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Well helloooo Ego.

Sorry chaps, it's just part of our common human existence...

Sorry to see it get to you, Cary, take care man.


i think that its a shame you are leaving the lair, and hope you will reconsider the choise.

we must stand toghether in here instead fighting each other .


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Mine was a general statement about the whole pred costume thing at present, i KNOW there are people who will gladly **** you over given the chance.

lets hope the saying "what goes around comes around" is true eh :)

anyway still sorry your leaving , and anyone for that matter.


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Just clear up things. No one from this new board had anything to do with this.
Cary, if there is currently no one here that had anything to do with it, why leave? I appreciate your input and don't see why you would have to "leave" even though there is no actual door that you will be exiting - hehe :)

Stick around and enjoy the ride. You can't let other people keep you from the Lair...


C'mon---say it ain't so, man! There's always going to be a few bad apples in any human endeavor, including a costume forum. You're one of the good ones, don't let this push you out the door. Just selectively deal with those pred-heads who are decent, like say, me for instance! :)
Your knowledge and experience and your candor would be missed around here.

As FiFi said to Max, "You're one of the best----you'll be back, Racketanski!"

Seriously, think about this.



i agree cary is one of the good guys ive had the pleasure of having many conversations with him on the phone to. very easy person to like and has bent over backwards to help me out with wiring my gauntlets. he is very knowledgable in the fx field too. i would hate to see you leave bro hell half the time you were the one that talked me into staying.


Lets all have a group hug like TELETUBBIES!!!!! BIIIIIIIIIIG HUG!!!
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Group Hug. LOL. :)

This is a decision that was not made lightly. For now I will lurk.

But, if any of you want help F/X wise or Electrical. Let me know.

Cary :)


hope you come back around bro,even if your just here checking how thing are coming around.
stick around this is a great forum!take care.


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what's this i'm leaving crap.....Funny i left too...kinda sorta kinda. i came to find out that i can't...I love what i do

despite the ********, the flame wars, the drama queens, the recasters...etc etc...yes those might be reasons for someone to quit but then in leaving aren't you leaving in defeat???

My engines were fried after halloween and i was totally burnt out. thus my "i'm leaving the lair" thread ok maybe that was a little dramatic but i came to find out that my passion and drive for suit building is still there and NO ONE will take that from me

i'll be damn if i get run out by weak-minded keyboard cowboy people who feed off of causing ****. I've known you and tina for a few years cary and i don't think your a quitter..........

stick around the board, be another suit, help out a noob..... whatever your passion is ....never quit..

if you ever want to hollar at my you have my digits



and besides that....i haven't given you permission to leave :)