Gort Helmet Pics


This is a request for any pictures of the Screen Used Gort helmet that exist out there...

Cuz guees what!? Im at it again, looking to make another Lost Hunter helmet.
And as usual i want it as accurate as humanly possible.

Pics would be most appreciated.

thanks guys


that was one of the ones i had but i believe i have 2 or 3 more. i want to buy one when there finsihed though bro. i was gonna start sculpting a gort bio myself and may still do it. but you seem to nail them lost hunter bios.


The Gort is a SWEEET Bio. And if you pull that sculpt off Gene (which I'm sure you will) I'll fork out the readies to grab one and sod what the missus says :)


Thanks for the kind words and encouragement!

If anyones interested i posted my Brother Boar lost hunter helmet as FOR SALE in the FORSALE section of the site.

Take a look.

I started the sculpt yesterday and am continuining it today. Basic layout is always the touchest part for me in any sculpt....