Great Resource and killer deal


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Ive had a quick browse through, and looks like itll be great reading.

not had time to sit down and read as yet though sorry.


This books is a definate must have. I just got a hold of a copy thanks to the power of the interweb, and damn. This book owns. However, if you're lookin' for never before seen pics of the Predator movies... this is not the book for you. But (and I mean a big FATASS BUTT) for what it lacks in visuals, it more than makes up for it in the reading part.

"OH SWEET ****... YOU MEAN YOU HAVE TO READ IT??? Please tell me you're kidding, Rob!!" No, I'm not. Oh my, yes... I said read.

I indulged in that often annoying 4-letter word, and got into the chapter about Steve Wang. I did not expect him - (Steve Wang) to get as indepth as he did about his inspiration for the Predators color origin and his own style of painting. Let alone how much work he puts into planning a paint scheme. He also gets into sculpting as well. It's kind of like the magician showing you how it's done without really "showing" you how it's done.

I'm totally gonna read the **** out of this book.


just got mine thursday, eh i could live without it nothing that impressive. noting compairs to the winston effect and the adi workshop book. just recieve some movie effects dvd's and some mark alfrey sculping and lifecasting dvd's. those are very informative. its a allright book but im not blown away.


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your jaded my friend. Don't be a hater dwayne....... :p

I guess being a collector of CINEFEX before it got all about the CG, that is what this book reminds me of.

any and all information is a good thing.