Guantlet blade track



I was thinking how i could make my twin blades slide on some sort of track on my guantlet. Im wondering what type of things are available from a hardware stores perhapes repair pieces to drawers or something that had a sliding track. Anyone have any idea what i could do? Im also not sure where to get springs. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions I would a love to hear it, Thanks hunters

Gene Pred

the sliding draws work pretty well i took some from a desk and they worked fine with blades mounted on them


i tried the draws but I found that when u extend them the other end of the blade sticks out way far so they cant adjust to much what I did was make custom blades that have a cuver to stop in different parts of the guanlet ill find pics my blades are 9inchs all the way in and 14 inches all teh way out but u have to do it with the 2 pegs by hand but it works and doesnt take much thinking
KISS is the key Keep It Simple Stupid lol but good luck on ones that are easyier to do


I don't know much about plexi glass, but to bond a piece of it to another piece of it, wouldn't that waterproof stuff they use for fish tanks work?


Here is a blade track I made from a drawer slide. You have to use two to make on because the part that slides on the bearings tends to wander after a few slides. The way this one is done there is no wandering. I will try to post a pic later of just the track. By the way the little gear box in the pic has been replaced by a substatial electric motor. The chain is nylon and very lite. The mechanism works great. 10 inches of movement.