Has anyone purchases from MonsterManDan?

Discussion in 'General Predator Discussion' started by Yautjaleader, Dec 24, 2018.

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    If so, I advise you to be careful. He sells on etsy and I have strong evidence he may he a fraudster. I ordered a latex predator mask and feet from him on etsy in Mid November and still have not recieved them. He advised in early December they were being shipped. Here we are now and they still aren't here. He never provided tracking or updates either.

    He will not acknowledge or reply to me. No matter what I say. I have emailed him, texted him, and reached out on etsy.

    Gonna contact my credit card company and file a BBB complaint.


    Here is my interactions...
    PJI7ijR.jpg mor96qc.jpg
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    Let me know how this progresses over the next few weeks.
    Will be adding his name to the bad sellers list on the marketplace section to warn future potential suit/costume parts buyers.
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    I definitely will! I'm in the 3-5 day waiting period for my refund. Because I made every effort to contact him and he would never answer. From what I've gathered, he uses money from people he's tricked to pay off other debts he has. Which is beyond wrong.
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    The plot thickens friend.


    I think his new plan is to ship the items to me despite the refund from etsy and then write a ticket saying I never paid. My counter plan is to refuse package and mail back to sender.
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