Having Fun with Fun Foam (EVA Foam)(NEW PICS(

Gq pred

Check out my Armour ...fully made with Fun Foam and a Glue gun ...wait till the paint job






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That's AWSOME!
How did you get the designs for each piece?
I seen someone make armor out of Buckets and pipes, and someone made one out of foam the kind that’s in seat cushions.
good job!
If I was going to make my own I would have to make it out of something hard so that no one breakes it when I'm conventioning.
BUt thats Awsome! :)

Gq pred

Hay guys Im glad that you like what Im doing so far , I wish I had a pattern to share but what I did is just copy a lots of pictures from this site and others and work right on the body suit cut and glue very simple , and the foam is really easy to work with and its indestructible I tugged and pulled and never had a rip , also I was very generous with the Glue , its just works great and to top all that I sealed the seams with a coat of Plastidip , the belt is a military issue (color black) , the vest locks from the front in the middle with a small belt clip (Adjustable) the shoulders amour are connected with elastic bands at 3 points around the shoulder it self so I can rise my arms comfortably ...Im so much enjoying this ....and will gladly help anyone


Saw your armor, it's excellent. I'm doing a Samurai Predator, the foam will be perfect. Just ordered many sheets. You made my day.


Yeah that armour looks cool I also made my P1 / AVP inspired armour from foamies. It's tough and durable, stood up to alot of punishment during 6 hours in a nightclub. It's light and comfortable to wear. You look like you've got working with foamies sorted. Nice one!

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Yep thats some good looking stuff and nice work on gettting it movie acurate looking. The paint and the your hard work just proves a good point. You can make anything if you set your mind to it.


That's just fuckin' cool right there. I've never worked with Foamies or anything like it, but you've sure sold me on them! I really like the sharp spiney look of the shoulder bells. I look forward to the finished shots of your work. Nicely done!



All I gotta say is WOW man...that's some skills there bro! Looks as good as the latex stuff out there.
Right on for sharing! :)