headless Servo control board.


Well, thank you adafruit for always expanding your product offerings.
I redid the wiring on the cannons so I could use an ethernet patch cables on the cannon assemblies.
These products are what I got:
Ethernet RJ45 Female Socket Push-Terminal Block in the cannon
Ethernet RJ45 Male Plug Terminal Block in the backpack housing
Cable Gland - Waterproof RJ-45 / Ethernet connector through coupler for quick disconnect
in cannon with clip down:
1 servo negative
2 servo positive
3 servo signal
7 led positive
8 led negative
In bay backpack housing:
3 led positive
4 led negative
6 servo signal
7 servo positive
8 servo negative
This substantially lessons the wire mess and makes things a lot cleaner and more easily repaired/concealed.
I used a regular ethernet patch cable. If you use a straight through or cross over cable or coupler the pinouts will be different.
For the cable covers I use ribbed cable covers you can buy at auto parts stores.