Heavy Weapons Wolf Predator 1:1 Armor build (3d modeled)



I use an alice back pack frame for support and build on top of that.

I deployed my initial prototype design I build by hand at Fanboy 2019. Local news folks went nuts when they saw it.

I had run out of time to do a proper wrap and money to by more powerful servos so I could shrink down some of the gear sizes. After that I could wrap the whole support frame so it looks more movie accurate. I have about a thousand US dollars in brackets in the current cannon setup as I kept ordering the wrong parts.

I am working on a dual cannon setup myself. right now I have a delay response issue from the joystick. Given your image I will have to re-evaluate how to get the main arm assembly to be more self contained.

Good luck on your root canal....

Again, you are talking about your own, ideas, perhaps designs, and inceptions. Weight? Not sure about the rest. So let's start again.

I am recreating the Heavy Weapons Wolf Armor from AV:p. I base-design and model everything before implying more, including electronics, but I do accept the idea of space and development. Eventually, I can incorporate microcontrollers for movement, although two cannons creates a bit of a logistical problem.

Now, I am going to guess that you are really working this out for weight. I went through weight issues working with an Iron Man, specifically, working a Vulcan gattling gun on War Machine's shoulder. Vac is the best way to go unless you need movement, then supported harness.

Hope that helps.