Hello everyone...Im new here...

Gq pred

:) Hi everyone I’m new here, but I have been coming for a while and reading, researching, I think there is so much talent its amazing I was inspired to build my first ever costume of anything so I’m staring with the duct Tape and the Upholstery foam, I think it will look cool on me being 6’4 280Ib and a bit muscular. I will try to go 75% out but not all the way , Work and 3 kids which are very excited to see there dad as a Predator next Halloween , so thank you very much for giving my the opportunity to join and learn and perhaps became a friend.


Welcome, GQ!!

Having a bit of height goes a long way with playing Pred!!!

Good for you!

Be sure to post progress pics of your hunter!!!



welcome to the lair GQ!

have fun with getting your pred suit togther!take your time.
lots of nice stuff out there as well.