Hello from NY Jedi


Greetings all.

LOVE the site, very happy to find it! I hope this is the appropriate forum for intros.

NYJedi.com is our Light Saber Enthusiast site where we teach Light Saber Stage Combat and create our own characters, and one of them (mine) is a Dark Jedi Yautja. He has two sabers and they are connectable with quick release (by our saber manufacturer, tell you more about him later... advanced-light.com). More Dark Jedi due to his hunters instincts and etc. You can find my character profile here: Talek, Dark Jedi

I'm extremely impressed with the artwork going on with you guys. ICE - nice stuff. WOW. I'm making my new outfit and I'll post pics as they come.

I'll be looking aropund and chating you all more, fer sure....

Founder, nyjedi.com