Helmet Control Systems


OK, So I was working on my cheapo Pred Bio-helmet that i've had for what seems like forever and was ultra-curious of what to use for an in-helmet control system. I want to see if it's possible to control some of my suit system, (Fading LED eyes, Plasma Caster, etc) from within the helmet. Some dude I spoke with told me about using some kind of chin strap device aligned with a pressure switch. (He moves his jaw down, the unit turns itself on.off, etc.) Anyone here know of a good cheap setup or have any plans to make something like this work?

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You could use a limit switch (I believe that’s what they are called). A traditional button, is spring loaded, and returns to its off position when pushed. These are the opposite. To complete the circuit, you pull on the ends. I think you can find them at Radio Shak. Also, you could install a magnet switch. It will only come on when the magnets are joined, completing the circuit. The magnets aren't all that strong, so breaking the connection will not require much effort. You typically see these switches on kids' light bracelets. When the put the bracelet on, the magnets serve a dual functions...hold the bracelet on, and completes the circuit.

I am not sure how you guys hold your face sheilds onto your masks, but the magnets are useful for that as well.
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I think you could use an AI system, like siri or alexa, and integrate the voice activation systems?
you could use a phone in the bio for thermal, UV, infrared and other vision settings, but for the fading eyes it's just a matter of making some LEDs that can fade out.