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Ok now that the HALLOWEEN rush is over i can get a start on my Predator costume. I need help though, I was wondering if anybody could help me on a latex mask. If anybody could send me a website or something with pics it will be a big help. Also it would be awesome fi someone could help with my armor I was going to go with the AVP look. I have never made a mask before so if you guys could make it as easy as possible it ould help even more. One more thing I was going to make a detachable helmet to go over my mask, and I was wondering if someone could tell me how to attach it. I dont need to make a body suite due to my body size it already fits the criteria im just gonna use body paint. Oh and one more thing (i know i said that last two sentences but ideas are coming as i write) how would I get the mandables to move on the mask and same with the shoulder cannon. Thanks everybody for taking the time to read this and for eveyone who responds.


If you are going to go for an AVP style Pred, be sure to snag a copy of the book "AVP Alien vs Predator : The Creature Effects of ADI"
It has tons of excellent reference photos and sculpting pics to get ideas from. I got my copy online via an easy search for book retailers.
Also, be sure to check out the "Huntorials" section of this board. It has a crud-load of tutorials on how to do various parts for your suit.

Here's the site name of the book seller that I found....

Good luck on that!