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Discussion in 'Predator Models, Statues and Figures' started by Harpslinger, Oct 24, 2016.

  1. Harpslinger

    Harpslinger Unblooded

    I am putting together a Billiken kit (recast). I've had a pretty hard time finding a tutorial for painting these. Does anyone know of one?

    I'd like to paint it like the original Predator .

    By the way, I'm a brand new member and this is my first time posting here.


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  2. Jmen

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    Welcome to predatorium.
    This forum has all information you need. Just try to read more threads. People usually write in title what actually they will do in their posts. Also you can check "Search" with "painting" "tutorials" and other.
    For example here is the link for M77 finished project
    Good luck!
    P.s. we like to see WIP pictures here)))
  3. Harpslinger

    Harpslinger Unblooded

    Thank you for the response and the link! I'll search around to see what I can find.
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  4. M77

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  5. Erwin

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    BENSIN Hunter

    a RE CAST?


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