Help with costume


I'm new too the board and I love it,. I see tons of talented people here. My question here is where do i start, i see people using foam for armor. I want to build this myself and maybe buy a mask and hands. I want to fabricate the rest, i figure i came too the right place for help!


Welcome, Jamie!

I'd start with the bio helmet and work my way down from there.

With a bio, you may not need to do an entire mask right away.

Then working on the armor would be a safe direction to go until you can devise a method for doing your hunter skin. You can match the armor to the bio while you work on the other body parts as well.

Good Luck and happy hunting!!



That is a good place to start... Also, do you have a general idea of your overall budget. That would give everyone a better idea of which direction to point you in. If budget is a concern, a P1 suit is probably the road to go down, especially if this is your first suit. You definitely came to the right place though... start sifting through the forums too... you'll be amazed at some of the great ideas you'll find.


Go slow, figure out what your budget is and go from there. Decide if there's anything you can build yourself to save money and look for ideas/tutorials here.

And if you ever have a question, ask it. I've found there is always someone here who has an answer.


If you haven`t the budget for a bio then try and make one. If you can manage to get a hold of a Bio then do so and go from there. Thats how I started. It doesn`t need to be an expensive one. Any one will do. If you find you can manage a few dollars for a bio then check through the forum for ways to make it wearable. As you read you`ll get ideas for the rest of your suit. Everyone has different ideas so its up to you on how you approach it.
If you`re stuck then ask, someone will help you out.


The first thing I did was hit ebay. Wrong move. If your gonna buy the big pieces get them here. Better quality and better price. Small things like bones and detail stuff ebay is fine for. If you know what style of suit you are gonna build, get the Bio you want first. Play with the colors on it. That will lead you to the colors of your armor and maybe your skin suit. I live at The Home Depot. I bought everything I needed to build a scratch set of gauntlets there. I am building my backpack myself and the materials have come from there. It all depends on your budget and finished piece you want. Most important, build what you want and make it your own. IMOP...get the Bio first.