Heroes Of Cosplay, Fellow Hunter In Trailer!

Guan Thwei

Elite Hunter
ThePriest said:
Thanks Guan-Thwei THat was awesome you put that on there . i wanted to post something like that but i am afraid my sculpting skills are better than computer skils, And yes the show was a total mess DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA!Maybe they will pull there head out ass and fugure out what they need to make a better show !
No problem man I felt there may have been people not seeing what was on the show when you guys were on stage, so I pretty much was just giving a visual basically.


it was pretty damn cool . we actually did a 5 minute interview with sci fi just like ya ya did and the judges were blown away by the amount of work that was done by a person doing it in a garage. And by the way they did get up and look at all my stuff and asked tons of questions about how it was all made. I guess they didn't show it because it would have made the people on the show look pretty damn stupid.
And the skit was a couple of minutes long but ..at least i got we got them on the show.
I contacted the lady we were working with on sci fi and pitched her some ideas on how to make the show better. like going to these conventions and interviewing certian costumers and possibly showing how they made all there stuff it would be a much more interesting show . Than staring at a couple of sets of over sized tits for an hour.