Hey Everyone - Newbie here



Hi everyone,

I was told about this forum by Savage Yautja. I just want to start of by saying I've read the rules and understand them clearly and i have every respect for every artist here. I've been trying to read through (very hard to do at work) some of the tutorials here to catch up so bear with my newbie questions until i am familar with it....

Its actually great to see some familar faces from the BOTB board (Davidyr1)... p.s hey bro, whats happened to that board. i haven't been on it for almost a year and its gone...has it moved?

Anyways... i want to be Predator for Halloween and i am trying to piece something together... OR... hopefully from reading tutorials looking to make my own. If anyone has tutorials they have put together, send it my way. In fact i have access to Adobe Writer (since i'm a network admin) and i can put the docs for download into .pdf format so we can post it for newbs like me in the future.

Anyways...I am really excited and looking forward to getting to know you all.

P.S. on the BOTB board i was known as v6batmobile.

Got to run for now.

Savage Yautja

This should be moved to the Trophy Rooom under Welcome ALL Hunters. It's where everyone can see who's new to the Lair. Otherwise you could copy and paste this posting there yourself and ask for this thread to be deleted afterwards.
Welcome to the Lair. Good post too. If you want to get together during the holiday weekend let me know.