Hey guys! Total noob so here goes :) Celtic wanted.



Hi there

Just found your site after someone mentioned it to me. It's ace! Finally I found people who are as crazy about the Preds as me

I have a collection of pred lid that I am quite proud of, photos to follow. Amongst my collection are Predator 2, RAM and a lid cast from the stunt lid from Predator 1 (it's my pride and joy!).

The Pred1 stunt lid is pretty big and it has no laser mount or tube sockets on the other side.

The one thing that is missing is a Celtic from AVP I won an auction on Ebay for one, paid my money, but the seller was then thrown off and I was left with nothing

Paypal are on the case in the meantime so at least that's something.

Anyone know where I can pick up a decent Celtic please? If so, I'd appreciate a PM.

Thanks alot guys!


The Big Gunns

The ones on ebay from Thailand are cool.. not completely accurate but still a nice bio. It is pretty big... I have a Howard P1, Pirk elder, Usurper P1, Bagy P2 and a DB P1 here. The only one it will fit is DB's. It engulf the others.