How Bad Of An Idea Would 'using This Paint' Be?


Young Blood
This paint came with my airbrush. Do you guys think that I can get away with using it on a latex mask?

I am trying to paint a halfmask (to wear under my bio), so extreme quality isn't needed.
The dreads and bio will cover a multitude of sins.
I have pros-aid for a base.

Should I mix a bit of latex into the paint before spraying it?

I cannot afford the monster maker's paint before halloween.
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Do you know if it's latex paint or not? If it isn't you're going to make to mix some latex with it so that if won't crack and peel. Trust me I've been there. Try some on some throw away latex first so you get the mix right. Too much latex and it will ruin the color. Too little and the paint will crack a peel. Since you'll be mixing it with latex be sure to water the paint/latex mix down a bit so you don't clog up your airbrush.


I know there are quite a few here that use createx paints.  Since you have the prosaide you should be all set.  The thing you want to look for when using the prosaide/paint (or inks) method is the flexibility of the coating once it's dry, not the adhesion.  The prosaide will work as the "primer" that will help with the mechanical bond between the latex and the paint.  Once you get it painted a good coat of permawet or createx clear and you should be good to go.  It's always a good idea to test it out just to be sure though, so maybe try a small spot on the back of the mask (under the dreads) and see what happens.



Young Blood
I will report back with my success (or lack thereof).

I just prosaid-ed half of a scrap piece, then painted both sides. I am going to wait for that to dry before I attempt the real mask.


I emailed Createx last week about this. They replied and said they have a 'latex promoter' in development and will be available next year. But yes you can use these on latex. They are used by Amalgamated dynamics who state that in thin layers you do not need prosaide when using stong pigmented ink on porous latex because the ink soaks into the latex and becomes part of the latex. I know a few people have had success this way. FW inks and Createx Inks are the way to go as long as it is finished with clear sealer.


Young Blood
Success. The paint worked surprisingly well.
I added a base coat of pros-aid to the right half of this scrap - the left half was just bare latex.

I added about 15% v/v latex and and a touch of water to the paint.
The results were beyond my expectations. Flexible and flake free, even when stretched out to the latex's limits.
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