How Do You Make An Avp Predator Mask ?

Imaika Tachiri

Hey everyone :)

i didnt know whether this was the right place to post this question or not but I want to know step by step stages of creating a predator mask. Tips, photos, guidelines, materials and products, I duno anything really.  :D

I was thinking of a mask along the lines of an AVP predator mask, but then feminish. So I was thinking of smaller mandebles and longer dreads, that kind of stuff you know. I wanted to make a female predator costume ( since I'm a girl and all :devil:  ) 

If anyone has any idea how to make the dreads and mask please let me know. 

Thanks anyway, 
Happy Hunting Kiddos  ;)


Wrong forum, but check this forum out and you will probably find all the answers you need from the builders themselves.