how much should i sell my costume for?

Discussion in 'Predator Costumes' started by b0nd, Aug 15, 2018.

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    hi all i havent been here in a long long while, hope everyone is well.
    Things are moving forward and changing in my life, my buzz for predator has faded slightly and my suit is just sitting in a corner behind aload of fishing rods (new hobby).
    As im moving house soon i need as much money as i can get at the moment and have been seriously thinking about selling my suit. i finished this in 2010 and its never been worn its just been sitting on a mannequin, searching through my posts from years and years ago i managed to find out this info and parts i brought from other members to piece this all together.

    Suckface - mask + netting
    Bambooie - dreads
    Seahunterr - skin
    Jaq the lad - gaunts (sorry didnt know at the time!)
    elder one - neckring + bone necklace (no longer comes on here)
    Mannowar - all raw armour (painted by me)
    Roninpred - beads
    Usurper - cod piece + belt
    Hez - P1 bio
    monstermaker - hands and feet

    i have no idea what amount i could get for this suit i was just wondering what you guys think and if you have a rough average, cheers.

    44007552762_9c95213e7f_b.jpg Untitled-91copy by Jason Bond, on Flickr
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    Are u willing to sell pieces?
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    Vendo mi traje por 12.000
    Boca eléctrica, bomba y garras electricas
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    It looks to be in good condition. What I would do is look up each piece and see what it is selling for. Minus for any wear, tear or damage. Make sure you like all defects when selling. List what size it will fit. Don't forget to get a shipping price prior to selling it. People will want to know how much shipping is.
    You could always sell it one part at a time. I would go through EBay so you have a company to back you up unless you don't want to pay the fee.

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