How to hide the battery of lights in a bio helmet?

Discussion in 'Predator Props' started by SuperBerserker, Jan 23, 2018.

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    Guys, I have some helmet molds (Classic and Berserker). As I myself do, all the aesthetics and mechanics of them are on my account. I try to hide as much of things as possible, the wires and lights are easy. But the battery for the same ones are difficult! I use 9 volt batteries, for 3 volt leds. A battery for the three LEDs, but it is very sturdy and great. It just leaves the inside of the mask with a half 'amateur' aesthetic. And I like a good finish, professional level or closer to that. My helmets are fiberglass and resin, not even 2cm thick. What do I do? Any suggestion?
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    What about hiding the batteries behind the berserker jaw, or I believe (while the berserker may not have it) your other sculpt had a laser-shroud. Maybe hide it behind that?
  3. SuperBerserker

    SuperBerserker Blooded

    Worse than not. Because the battery is about 2.1 cm thick and my helmets are thinner and lighter. I've seen those of Sideshow, which are very thick and can easily hide the batteries inside the layers of helmets. I use only a 9 volt battery. Is there any other way to replace this battery with another one? I plan on using diode lasers soon. But until then, I'm using the same LEDs. I wanted to use AAA batteries, but I do not know how many are enough to connect the LEDs or a new connection scheme in which I use less batteries? I want to keep the inside of the mask very compact.

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