How to make Bad A$$ wristblades

Discussion in 'Predator Props' started by Pestvic, Aug 25, 2010.

  1. Pestvic

    Pestvic Blooded

    true master i didnt think of that. im sure it would help a jigsaw as well though.

    i havent updated this :D i started the enclosure for the blades and painted the wooden block. but i havent decided on what spring mechanism to use yet. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks :eek:
  2. aaron1126

    aaron1126 Blooded

    What did you use to cut the plastic?
  3. Rabbit

    Rabbit Blooded

    do you think a dremel would be able to cut these out and bevel them? i only have a dremel and no jig, i tried cutting plexiglass to no luck.
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  4. CelticPredator

    CelticPredator Blooded

    Wow not only do you make some Awesome looking blades but you are kind enough to share the secrets with the rest of us. Thanks a lot dude rock on budget building i love it!lol
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  5. johnathonm

    johnathonm Blooded

    Super awesome looking blades. Can't wait til you make them into gauntlets
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  6. Pestvic

    Pestvic Blooded

    Jigsaw for rough cut and dremel for shaping
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  7. Pestvic

    Pestvic Blooded

    Definitely will! That's how I did mine :)
  8. Pestvic

    Pestvic Blooded

    No problem! I'm finally back with some other bad ass news!
  9. Pestvic

    Pestvic Blooded

    Very durable! Still haven't broke :) after this long
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  10. Nimri

    Nimri Unblooded

    So if I were to get all the materials you listed at the beginning and I only have a dremel, would I be able to make these? Also how are you making your gauntlet body and what materials do you use? Ive been wanting to do this for a long time and i couldn't find a method that was affordable xD and so far yours is the most affordable
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  11. Pestvic

    Pestvic Blooded

    Yep! I just used plexy, jigsaw and a dremel. Worked great! Work slow so the plexy doesn't crack. I am using kydex for the armies and gauntlets currently :) thanks man!
  12. Nimri

    Nimri Unblooded

    Ah ok awesome! Would you be able to use a saw blade that comes with the dremel rather than a jigsaw or no? Cuz I don't have access to a jigsaw yet but I have a dremel and I can get the materials (hopefully XD). And where do you get the kydex again? You said Walmart?

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