How to recreate the Predator's blood/ color?

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  1. YawningMan

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    Hello All,
    Not for cosplay, but for a NECA scale Predator repaint I am doing, I was hoping I might ask for some insight by those who have recreated a decent, or passable, neon green color simulating blood splats/ drips. I am an experienced model maker and painter of miniatures, to my knowledge however this type of green finish is not easily replicated by just mixing paints. I could be wrong. If anyone has had successful results doing this, I'd be grateful for your advice or insight on the matter. I thank you all in advance!

    (a brief example of my work, a NECA Jungle Hunter repaint from a couple months ago)





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  2. Erwin

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    I used 2 part epoxy glue mixed with some light green paint. just a little amount to keep it transparent.

    Good luck

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